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Kunkle DA, Haas NB, Uzzo RG. Adjuvant therapy for high-risk renal cell carcinoma patients. Current urology reports. 2007 Jan;8(1):19-30.
O'Sullivan MJ, Morrow M. Ductal carcinoma in situ--current management. Surgical Clinics of North America. 2007 Apr;87(2):333-51.
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Sigurdson ER. Lymph node dissection: is it diagnostic or therapeutic?. J Clin Oncol. 2003 Mar 15;21(6):965-7.
von Mehren M. Recent advances in the management of gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Current oncology reports. 2003 Jul;5(4):288-94.
Entwistle JW, Goldberg M. Multimodality therapy for resectable cancer of the thoracic esophagus. Ann Thorac Surg. 2002 Mar;73(3):1009-15.
Herbst RS, Langer CJ. Epidermal growth factor receptors as a target for cancer treatment: the emerging role of IMC-C225 in the treatment of lung and head and neck cancers. Semin Oncol. 2002 Feb;29(1 Suppl 4):27-36.
Movsas B. Exploring the role of the radioprotector amifostine in locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group trial 98-01. Semin Radiat Oncol. 2002 Jan;12(1 Suppl 1):40-5.
Movsas B. Role of adjuvant therapy in resected stage II/IIIA non-small-cell lung cancer. Oncology (Huntingt). 2002 Jan;16(1):90-5, 100; discussion 100-2, 105-6.
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Winer EP, Hudis C, Burstein HJ, Chlebowski RT, Ingle JN, Edge SB, Mamounas EP, Gralow J, Goldstein LJ, Pritchard KI, Braun S, Cobleigh MA, Langer AS, Perotti J, Powles TJ, Whelan TJ, Browman GP. American Society of Clinical Oncology technology assessment on the use of aromatase inhibitors as adjuvant therapy for women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer: status report 2002. J Clin Oncol. 2002 Aug;20(15):3317-27.
Bookman MA. Developmental chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer: incorporation of topoisomerase-I inhibitors and perspective of the Gynecologic Oncology Group. International journal of gynecological cancer : official journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society. 2001 Jan;11 Suppl 1:42-51.
Langer CJ. Treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer in North America: the emerging role of irinotecan. Oncology (Huntingt). 2001 Jan;15(1 Suppl 1):19-24.
Movsas B. Role of adjuvant therapy in resected stage II/IIIA non-small-cell lung cancer. Oncology (Huntingt). 2001 Dec;15(12):1549-58.
Owen JB, Grigsby PW, Caldwell TM, Konski AA, Johnson DJ, Demas WF, Movsas B, Jones CU, Wasserman TH. Can costs be measured and predicted by modeling within a cooperative clinical trials group? Economic methodologic pilot studies of the radiation therapy oncology group (RTOG) studies 90-03 and 91-04. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2001 Mar;49(3):633-9.
Rothenberg ML, Meropol NJ, Poplin EA, Van Cutsem E, Wadler S. Mortality associated with irinotecan plus bolus fluorouracil/leucovorin: summary findings of an independent panel. J Clin Oncol. 2001 Sep 15;19(18):3801-7.
Freedman GM, Fowble BL, Nicolaou N, Sigurdson ER, Torosian MH, Boraas MC, Hoffman JP. Should internal mammary lymph nodes in breast cancer be a target for the radiation oncologist?. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2000 Mar;46(4):805-14.
Movsas B. Innovative treatment strategies in locally advanced and/or unresectable non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer control : journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center. 2000 Jan;7(1):25-34.
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Randomized Controlled Trials Human Female therapeutic use drug therapy pathology radiotherapy Adjuvant Chemotherapy Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols Neoplasm Staging Survival Analysis Adjuvant Radiotherapy mortality Lung Neoplasms methods surgery Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma Prognosis administration & dosage Combined Modality Therapy Breast Neoplasms Antineoplastic Agents Ovarian Neoplasms therapy Treatment Outcome Non-US Gov't Support Local Neoplasm Recurrence Squamous Cell Carcinoma genetics Male analogs & derivatives diagnosis Conformal Radiotherapy Head and Neck Neoplasms antagonists & inhibitors adverse Lymphatic Metastasis Tamoxifen Lymph Node Excision Camptothecin Cisplatin Disease-Free Survival effects Retrospective Studies United States Risk Assessment Deoxycytidine prevention & control Evidence-Based Medicine Carboplatin Hormonal Antineoplastic Agents Mastectomy Axilla Survival Rate Phase III Clinical Trials Paclitaxel Risk Factors Mutation Aromatase Data Collection Fenretinide Piperazines Half-Life Salvage Therapy Incidence Gastrointestinal Diseases Palliative Care Lymphatic Irradiation Prospective Studies Radiation Oncology biosynthesis drug effects Feasibility Studies Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Algorithms Brain Neoplasms Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation Oral Administration Japan Adenocarcinoma US Gov't Support-PHS Ovariectomy Esophagoscopy Lymph Nodes Kidney Neoplasms Nomograms Fluorouracil Predictive Value of Tests Liposomes Mortality BRCA2 Genes Tumor Suppressor Genes Expert Testimony Syndrome 10540-29-1 (Tamoxifen) Postoperative Care BRCA1 Genes Anticarcinogenic Agents Nephrectomy economics chemically induced enzymology Genetic Predisposition to Disease Immunotherapy pharmacology Gastrointestinal Neoplasms pharmacokinetics Forecasting Biological Tumor Markers secondary Carcinoma in Situ Etoposide Type I DNA Topoisomerases Vindesine Radiation-Sensitizing Agents tu [Therapeutic Use] Cyclophosphamide Enzyme Inhibitors Phase II Clinical Trials Pilot Projects Cause of Death Time Factors Drug Administration Schedule Severity of Illness Index Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy DNA Adducts Brachytherapy Neoplasm Metastasis Gene Expression Economic Models Radiation Dosage Neoplasms Monoclonal Antibodies Guidelines Renal Cell Carcinoma Multicenter Studies Pyrimidines Oral Contraceptives Vascular Diseases Proto-Oncogene Protein c-kit Triazoles Cost-Benefit Analysis Biological Response Modifiers Esophageal Neoplasms Radical Mastectomy Ductal Carcinoma-Breast Segmental Mastectomy Mammary Arteries Topotecan Radiation Injuries
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