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Mennis J, Mason M, Coffman DL, Henry K. Geographic Imputation of Missing Activity Space Data from Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) GPS Positions. International journal of environmental research and public health. 2018 Dec 04;15(12).   PMCID: PMC6313622
Chambers SK, Occhipinti S, Foley E, Clutton S, Legg M, Berry M, Stockler MR, Frydenberg M, Gardiner RA, Lepore SJ, Davis ID, Smith DP. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Clin Oncol. 2017 Jan 20;35(3):291-7.
Longacre ML, Valdmanis VG, Handorf EA, Fang CY. Work Impact and Emotional Stress Among Informal Caregivers for Older Adults. The journals of gerontology Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences. 2017 May;72(3):522-31.
Nelson DB, Zhao H, Corrado R, Mastrogiannnis DM, Lepore SJ. Preventing Unintended Pregnancy Among Young Sexually Active Women: Recognizing the Role of Violence, Self-Esteem, and Depressive Symptoms on Use of Contraception. Journal of women's health (2002). 2017 Apr;26(4):352-60.   PMCID: PMC5397235
Myers Virtue S, Manne SL, Darabos K, Heckman CJ, Ozga M, Kissane D, Rubin S, Rosenblum N. Emotion episodes during psychotherapy sessions among women newly diagnosed with gynecological cancers. Psychooncology. 2015 Sep;24(9):1189-96.   PMCID: PMC4470875
Occhipinti S, Chambers SK, Lepore S, Aitken J, Dunn J. A Longitudinal Study of Post-Traumatic Growth and Psychological Distress in Colorectal Cancer Survivors. PLoS One. 2015 Jan;10(9):e0139119.   PMCID: 4587909
Wen KY, Miller SM, Roussi P, Belton TD, Baman J, Kilby L, Hernandez E. A content analysis of self-reported barriers and facilitators to preventing postpartum smoking relapse among a sample of current and former smokers in an underserved population. Health education research. 2015 Feb;30(1):140-51.   PMCID: PMC4296888
Fang CY, Ross EA, Pathak HB, Godwin AK, Tseng M. Acculturative stress and inflammation among Chinese immigrant women. Psychosom Med. 2014 Jun;76(5):320-6.   PMCID: PMC4164056
Hui SK, Miller SM, Wen KY, Fang Z, Li T, Buzaglo J, Hernandez E. Psychosocial barriers to follow-up adherence after an abnormal cervical cytology test result among low-income, inner-city women. J Prim Care Community Health. 2014 Oct;5(4):234-41.   PMCID: PMC4169747
Longacre ML, Ross EA, Fang CY. Caregiving Choice and Emotional Stress Among Cancer Caregivers. West J Nurs Res. 2014 Jul;36(6):806-24.   PMCID: PMC4148462
Obeid EI, Conzen SD. The role of adrenergic signaling in breast cancer biology. Cancer Biomark. 2013 Jan;13(3):161-9.
Longacre ML, Ridge JA, Burtness BA, Galloway TJ, Fang CY. Psychological functioning of caregivers for head and neck cancer patients. Oral Oncol. 2012 Jan;48(1):18-25.   PMCID: PMC3357183
Fang CY, Reibel DK, Longacre ML, Rosenzweig S, Campbell DE, Douglas SD. Enhanced psychosocial well-being following participation in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program is associated with increased natural killer cell activity. J Altern Complement Med. 2010 May;16(5):531-8.   PMCID: PMC2921566
Manne S, Badr H, Zaider T, Nelson C, Kissane D. Cancer-related communication, relationship intimacy, and psychological distress among couples coping with localized prostate cancer. J Cancer Surviv. 2010 Mar;4(1):74-85.   PMCID: PMC2828868
Feldman PJ, Cohen S, Hamrick N, Lepore SJ. Psychological stress, appraisal, emotion and cardiovascular response in a public speaking task. Psychology & Health. 2004 Jun;19(3):353-68.
Manne S, Duhamel K, Ostroff J, Parsons S, Martini DR, Williams SE, Mee L, Sexson S, Austin J, Winkel G, Boulad F, Redd WH. Coping and the course of mother's depressive symptoms during and after pediatric bone marrow transplantation. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2003 Sep;42(9):1055-68.
Wagner Costalas J, Itzen M, Malick J, Babb JS, Bove B, Godwin AK, Daly MB. Communication of BRCA1 and BRCA2 results to at-risk relatives: a cancer risk assessment program's experience. Am J Med Genet. 2003 May 15;119C(1):11-8.
Hamrick N, Cohen S, Rodriguez MS. Being popular can be healthy or unhealthy: stress, social network diversity, and incidence of upper respiratory infection. Health Psychology. 2002 May;21(3):294-58.
Norton TR, Stephens MA, Martire LM, Townsend AL, Gupta A. Change in the centrality of women's multiple roles: effects of role stress and rewards. Journals of Gerontology Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences. 2002 Jan;57(1):S52-62.
Sorgen KE, Manne SL. Coping in children with cancer: Examining the Goodness-of-Fit hypothesis. Children's Health Care. 2002 Sep;31(3):191-207.
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