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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Protein Kinase C. Found 9 abstracts

Hooper R, Zhang X, Webster M, Go C, Kedra J, Marchbank K, Gill DL, Weeraratna AT, Trebak M, Soboloff J. Novel Protein Kinase C-Mediated Control of Orai1 Function in Invasive Melanoma. Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Aug;35(16):2790-8.   PMCID: 4508319
Plimack ER, Tan T, Wong YN, von Mehren MM, Malizzia L, Roethke SK, Litwin S, Li T, Hudes GR, Haas NB. A phase I study of temsirolimus and bryostatin-1 in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma and soft tissue sarcoma. The oncologist. 2014 Apr;19(4):354-5.   PMCID: Pmc3983829
Astsaturov I, Ratushny V, Sukhanova A, Einarson MB, Bagnyukova T, Zhou Y, Devarajan K, Silverman JS, Tikhmyanova N, Skobeleva N, Pecherskaya A, Nasto RE, Sharma C, Jablonski SA, Serebriiskii IG, Weiner LM, Golemis EA. Synthetic lethal screen of an EGFR-centered network to improve targeted therapies. Science signaling. 2010 Jan;3(140):ra67.   PMCID: PMC2950064
Alvarez-Arias DA, Campbell KS. Protein kinase C regulates expression and function of inhibitory killer cell Ig-like receptors in NK cells. J Immunol. 2007 Oct 15;179(8):5281-90.
Li J, Poulikakos PI, Dai Z, Testa JR, Callaway DJ, Bu Z. Protein kinase C phosphorylation disrupts Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor 1 autoinhibition and promotes cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator macromolecular assembly. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2007 Sep 14;282(37):27086-99.
Badawi AF, Liu Y, Eldeen MB, Morrow W, Razak ZR, Maradeo M, Badr MZ. Age-associated changes in the expression pattern of cyclooxygenase-2 and related apoptotic markers in the cancer susceptible region of rat prostate. Carcinogenesis. 2004 Sep;25(9):1681-8.
Haas NB, Smith M, Lewis N, Littman L, Yeslow G, Joshi ID, Murgo A, Bradley J, Gordon R, Wang H, Rogatko A, Hudes GR. Weekly bryostatin-1 in metastatic renal cell carcinoma: a phase II study. Clin Cancer Res. 2003 Jan;9(1):109-14.
Hudes GR. Signaling inhibitors in the treatment of prostate cancer. Invest New Drugs. 2002 May;20(2):159-72.
Davidson LA, Brown RE, Chang WC, Morris JS, Wang N, Carroll RJ, Turner ND, Lupton JR, Chapkin RS. Morphodensitometric analysis of protein kinase C beta(II) expression in rat colon: modulation by diet and relation to in situ cell proliferation and apoptosis. Carcinogenesis. 2000 Aug;21(8):1513-9.
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Protein Kinase C metabolism Male antagonists & inhibitors drug therapy physiology biosynthesis genetics pathology Signal Transduction Phosphorylation Human pharmacology Antineoplastic Agents Rats chemistry Serine Apoptosis US Gov't Support-PHS Renal Cell Carcinoma Tumor Cell Line drug effects enzymology therapeutic use Isoenzymes Proto-Oncogene Proteins Kidney Neoplasms Prostatic Neoplasms Sarcoma en [Enzymology] Messenger RNA Time Factors Drug Administration Schedule pa [Pathology] Sprague-Dawley Rats Tumor Necrosis Factor analogs & derivatives Pectins Treatment Outcome Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Prostate Casein Kinase II cytology Phosphoproteins 363-24-6 (Dinoprostone) Omega-3 Fatty Acids Cultured Cells Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases Sodium-Hydrogen Antiporter Neoplasm Metastasis Transformed Cell Line Amino Acid Sequence Sirolimus Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor methods Colonic Neoplasms Neoplasms Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation TOR Serine-Threonine Kinases Adenocarcinoma Molecular Sequence Data Animal Alkyl and Aryl Transferases 0 (Isoenzymes) ge [Genetics] Cell Division adverse effects me [Metabolism] Multiprotein Complexes Female Enzymologic Gene Expression Regulation Down-Regulation RNA Interference Calcium Channels US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Neoplasm Drug Resistance Cultured Tumor Cells 0 (Bax protein) drug effectsAdenocarcinoma Protein Kinase Inhibitors EC 2-7-1-37 (Protein Kinase C) Protein Interaction Mapping immunology 0 (Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-2) Prostaglandin-Endoperoxide Synthase Androgen Receptors Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinases Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols Drug Discovery Azoxymethane Corn Oil Interleukin-6 KIR Receptors Cell Cycle Biological Markers Mutation chemically induced Radiation Scattering Subcellular Fractions Immunologic Cytotoxicity Melanoma 0 (Biological Markers) Adult inhibitors Neoplasm Proteins 0 (Proto-Oncogene Proteins) Membrane Proteins Cellulose Calcium Signaling Middle Age Bryostatins EC 1-14-99 (cyclooxygenase 2) Lactones blood Disease Progression Small Interfering RNA Cytotoxins 80 and over Aged KIR3DL1 Receptors Inbred F344 Rats Cell Line EC 2-7-1 (protein kinase C alpha) Clinical Trials Threonine EC 1-14-99-1 (Prostaglandin-Endoperoxide Synthase) Calcium Neoplasm Invasiveness Natural Killer Cells Amino Acid Substitution Disease Susceptibility Aged STAT3 Transcription Factor mortality administration & dosage Tertiary Protein Structure antagonists & Glutamic Acid Aging Wnt Proteins Carcinogens Immunohistochemistry C-Reactive Protein Enzyme Inhibitors Messenger) 0 (RNA Colon Substrate Specificity Dinoprostone Diet Precancerous Conditions Light
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