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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Physician-Patient Relations. Found 13 abstracts

Hudson SV, Miller SM, Hemler J, Ferrante JM, Lyle J, Oeffinger KC, Dipaola RS. Adult cancer survivors discuss follow-up in primary care: 'not what i want, but maybe what i need'. Ann Fam Med. 2012 Sep;10(5):418-27.   PMCID: Pmc3438209
Coups EJ, Dhingra LK, Heckman CJ, Manne SL. Receipt of provider advice for smoking cessation and use of smoking cessation treatments among cancer survivors. J Gen Intern Med. 2009 Nov;24 Suppl 2:S480-6.   PMCID: PMC2763168
Meropol NJ, Schrag D, Smith TJ, Mulvey TM, Langdon RM, Blum D, Ubel PA, Schnipper LE, American Society of Clinical O. American Society of Clinical Oncology guidance statement: the cost of cancer care. J Clin Oncol. 2009 Aug 10;27(23):3868-74.
Meropol NJ, Egleston BL, Buzaglo JS, Benson AB, Cegala DJ, Diefenbach MA, Fleisher L, Miller SM, Sulmasy DP, Weinfurt KP, Connect Study Research Group. Cancer patient preferences for quality and length of life. Cancer. 2008 Dec 15;113(12):3459-66.   PMCID: PMC2606934
Baig N, Myers RE, Turner BJ, Grana J, Rothermel T, Schlackman N, Weinberg DS. Physician-reported reasons for limited follow-up of patients with a positive fecal occult blood test screening result. Am J Gastroenterol. 2003 Sep;98(9):2078-81.
Manne S, Markowitz A, Winawer S, Guillem J, Meropol NJ, Haller D, Jandorf L, Rakowski W, Babb J, Duncan T. Understanding intention to undergo colonoscopy among intermediate-risk siblings of colorectal cancer patients: a test of a mediational model. Prev Med. 2003 Jan;36(1):71-84.
Diefenbach MA, Dorsey J, Uzzo RG, Hanks GE, Greenberg RE, Horwitz E, Newton F, Engstrom PF. Decision-making strategies for patients with localized prostate cancer. Semin Urol Oncol. 2002 Feb;20(1):55-62.
Itzen M, Sheldon J, Meyers CA, Green D, Long C, Buckley B. Neuropsychological and emotional challenges in a 38-year-old man with a brain tumor. Cancer Pract. 2002 Nov;10(6):266-8.
Jorenby DE, Scott WJ, Fiore MC. Treating tobacco use and dependence: an evidence-based clinical practice guideline for tobacco cessation. Chest. 2002 Jan;121(3):932-41.
Uzzo RG, Wei JT. Prostate cancer and the educated consumer. Semin Urol Oncol. 2002 Feb;20(1):1-2.
Wei JT, Uzzo RG. Shared decision-making strategies for early prostate cancer. Semin Urol Oncol. 2002 Feb;20(1):74-8.
Daly MB, Barsevick A, Miller SM, Rogatko A, Buckman R, Costalas J, Montgomery S, Bingler R. Communicating genetic test results to the family: a six-step, skills-building strategy. Fam Community Health. 2001 Oct;24(3):13-26.
Hermann JF, Ettinger DS, Gams R. Controversies in cancer care. The final dilemma: end-of-life treatment decisions. Cancer Practice. 1998 Jan;6(1):57-9.
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Physician-Patient Relations Male Human psychology Female Aged therapy Patient Education Decision Making Neoplasms diagnosis Prostatic Neoplasms Adult Middle Aged 80 and over Aged Communication United States Smoking Patient Education as Topic Theoretical Models Physician's Role Survivors Quality of Life Colorectal Neoplasms US Gov't Support-PHS standards Breast Neoplasms trends Colonoscopy Middle Age genetics Patient Satisfaction Attitude to Health Family Relations Referral and Consultation Patient Preference Treatment Outcome Insurance Coverage Prostate Health Maintenance Organizations Social Support dt [Drug Therapy] Psychological Adaptation complications Inservice Training Motivation methods Brain Neoplasms Attitude of Health Personnel Occult Blood Smoking Cessation Programs Patient Care Planning Chronic Disease statistics & numerical data adverse effects Adolescent Attitudes Knowledge-Practice US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Mental Health Genetic Counseling Antineoplastic Agents Patient Participation Terminally Ill Patients Ovarian Neoplasms Cost-Benefit Analysis Tobacco Health Insurance Primary Health Care Guideline Adherence Health Surveys Mass Screening Longevity Case Report BRCA1 Genes Evidence-Based Medicine Continuity of Patient Care Truth Disclosure Non-US Gov't Support economics Perception blood Smoking Cessation Qualitative Research th [Therapy] Socioeconomic Factors Health Behavior Neoplasm Proteins epidemiology Drug Costs Genetic Predisposition to Disease Astrocytoma Risk Factors Drug Industry BRCA2 Protein Siblings Sibling Relations Genetic Screening Oncologic Care Patient-Centered Care Alcoholism Health Personnel Physician's Practice Patterns Prostate-Specific Antigen utilization pathology Early Detection of Cancer Information Services Emotions st [Standards] Medical Oncology Transcription Factors Family Patient Decision Making Risk Assessment pc [Prevention and Control] Medical Societies Medical Education-Continuing Health Care Costs United States Department of Health and Human Services prevention & control Young Adult Biomedical Technology Substance Dependence Follow-Up Studies
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