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Kischkel S, Bergt S, Brock B, von Gronheim J, Herbst A, Epping MJ, Matheis G, Novosel E, Schneider J, Warnke P, Podbielski A, Roesner JP, Lelkes PI, Vollmar B. In Vivo Testing of Extracorporeal Membrane Ventilators: iLA-Activve Versus Prototype I-Lung. ASAIO journal (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs : 1992). 2017 Mar;63(2):185-92.
Thenuwara AC, Cerkez EB, Shumlas SL, Attanayake NH, McKendry IG, Frazer L, Borguet E, Kang Q, Remsing RC, Klein ML, Zdilla MJ, Strongin DR. Nickel Confined in the Interlayer Region of Birnessite: an Active Electrocatalyst for Water Oxidation. Angewandte Chemie (International ed in English). 2016 Aug 22;55(35):10381-5.
Movsas B, Chapman JD, Hanlon AL, Horwitz EM, Greenberg RE, Stobbe C, Hanks GE, Pollack A. Hypoxic prostate/muscle pO(2) ratio predicts for biochemical failure in patients with prostate cancer: preliminary findings. Urology. 2002 Oct;60(4):634-9.
Stobbe CC, Park SJ, Chapman JD. The radiation hypersensitivity of cells at mitosis. International Journal of Radiation Biology. 2002 Dec;78(12):1149-57.
Cvetkovic D, Movsas B, Dicker AP, Hanlon AL, Greenberg RE, Chapman JD, Hanks GE, Tricoli JV. Increased hypoxia correlates with increased expression of the angiogenesis marker vascular endothelial growth factor in human prostate cancer. Urology. 2001 Apr;57(4):821-5.
Iyer RV, Haynes PT, Schneider RF, Movsas B, Chapman JD. Marking hypoxia in rat prostate carcinomas with beta-D-[125I]azomycin galactopyranoside and. J Nucl Med. 2001 Feb;42(2):337-44.
McQueney MS, Anderson KS, Markham GD. Energetics of S-adenosylmethionine synthetase catalysis. Biochemistry. 2000 Apr 18;39(15):4443-54.
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Oxygen metabolism Prostatic Neoplasms Non-US Gov't Support Male US Gov't Support-PHS Human Cultured Tumor Cells Catalysis blood Cell Hypoxia chemistry Middle Age Aged Water Kinetics Nickel Binding Sites Titrimetry Particle Size Hydrolysis Radiopharmaceuticals Microelectrodes Immunohistochemistry nickel intercalation Radiation Tolerance Phosphates Diphosphates Proportional Hazards Models Methionine Adenosyltransferase Polyphosphates DNA Damage Dimethyl Sulfoxide Isomerism Animal Models Adenosine Triphosphate Follow-Up Studies Swine Epithelium electrochemistry Organotechnetium Compounds S-Adenosylmethionine enzymology therapy Brachytherapy Oxygen Consumption physiology Drug Dose-Response Relationship Comet Assay Endothelial Growth Factors Computer Simulation oxygen evolution reaction Treatment Outcome Anesthesia Adult Electrochemical Techniques Surface Properties Prostate Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure analysis birnessite Oxygen Isotopes complications Amino Acid Sequence pharmacology Mitosis Oximes water splitting Animal Thermodynamics Comparative Study Escherichia coli Decarboxylation Nitroimidazoles Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Ligands radiation effects Interphase Lung Diseases Glucosides Neoplasm Transplantation Oxidation-Reduction DNA Mechanical Ventilators Cytoplasm radiotherapy Radiation Dose-Response Relationship Fluorescence Cell Cycle Rats Conformal Radiotherapy Anoxia Multivariate Analysis Methionine Skeletal Muscle Disease-Free Survival diagnostic use radionuclide imaging Solvents Prostate-Specific Antigen Chromatin Hydroxyl Radical pathology Lymphokines
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