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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Oncologic Nursing. Found 29 abstracts

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Held-Warmkessel J. Penile cancer. Semin Oncol Nurs. 2012 Aug;28(3):190-201.   PMCID: No NIH
Held-Warmkessel J. Caring for a patient with metastatic prostate cancer. Nursing. 2008 Jun;38(6):52-6.
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Moore-Higgs GJ, Watkins-Bruner D, Balmer L, Johnson-Doneski J, Komarny P, Mautner B, Velji K. The role of licensed nursing personnel in radiation oncology part A: results of a descriptive study. Oncology Nursing Forum. 2003 Jan;30(1):51-8.
Barsevick AM, Sweeney C, Haney E, Chung E. A systematic qualitative analysis of psychoeducational interventions for depression in patients with cancer. Oncol Nurs Forum. 2002 Jan;29(1):73-84; quiz 85-7.
Barsevick AM, Whitmer K, Sweeney C, Nail LM. A pilot study examining energy conservation for cancer treatment-related fatigue. Cancer nursing. 2002 Oct;25(5):333-41.
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Martin VR. Ovarian cancer. Semin Oncol Nurs. 2002 Aug;18(3):174-83.
Schiech L. Malignant cutaneous wounds. Clinical journal of oncology nursing. 2002 Sep;6(5):305-9.
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Weaver C. Life after breast cancer surgery. Nursing. 2000 Oct;30(10 part 1):Hosp Nurs: 32hn1-2.
Behrend SW, Coia LR. Patterns of care in radiation oncology. Semin Oncol Nurs. 1999 Nov;15(4):303-12.
Nicolaou N. Radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery. Semin Oncol Nurs. 1999 Nov;15(4):260-9.
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Oncologic Nursing Human methods Female Male therapy nursing therapeutic use Neoplasms diagnosis Risk Factors Nursing Assessment Patient Education United States Case Report pathology Middle Age Prostatic Neoplasms organization & administration Mass Screening Information Resources complications Ovarian Neoplasms Radiotherapy drug therapy Treatment Outcome Androgen Antagonists etiology Nurse's Role Antineoplastic Agents Aged Non-US Gov't Support adverse effects psychology Drug Interactions Descriptive Statistics Patient Education as Topic Oncology Social Support Drug Monitoring World Wide Web Adult US Gov't Support-PHS epidemiology Severity of Illness Index Prognosis prevention & control agonists Advanced Practice Nurses Nursing Care Questionnaires Neoplasm Metastasis Risk Assessment radiotherapy Breast Neoplasms Nursing Role Prostatectomy Monoclonal Antibodies metabolism standards Mail Skin Neoplasms Fatigue Drug Eruptions su [Surgery] Teaching Methods og [Organizations] Irrigation Nurse Managers Middle Aged blood Disease Progression Bandages surgery Drug Delivery Systems Remission Induction Lymphedema radiography Conceptual Framework Canada Paronychia Skin Care Incidence Counseling Nursing Education-Continuing Metabolic Clearance Rate Survey Research Palliative Care genetics Debridement Energy Metabolism Psychological Adaptation nu [Nursing] physiopathology Curriculum Development Patient Care Planning Convenience Sample Practice Guidelines Antineoplastic Antimetabolites Methotrexate ed [Education] Attitudes Knowledge-Practice Nursing Management Data Analysis Software Employment Genetic Counseling Staff Nurses Behavior Therapy Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Postoperative Complications Postoperative Care Evidence-Based Medicine Adjuvant Chemotherapy chemically induced Patient Discharge Education physiology CA-125 Antigen Descriptive Research administration Genetic Predisposition to Disease Immunotherapy Patient Selection pharmacology Delphi Technique Wounds and Injuries Hypertension Computer-Assisted Radiotherapy Planning Forecasting Terminal Care Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care) Ambulatory Care Nursing secondary Prostate-Specific Antigen Funding Source Depressive Disorder trends Competency-Based Education Recurrence Neoplasm Staging antagonists & inhibitors Gene Therapy administration & dosage Family Bone Marrow Diseases pc [Prevention and Control] Gonadorelin Inpatients Course Content isolation & purification
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