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Aben KK, Baglietto L, Baffoe-Bonnie A, Coebergh JW, Bailey-Wilson JE, Trink B, Verbeek AL, Schoenberg MP, Alfred Witjes J, Kiemeney LA. Segregation analysis of urothelial cell carcinoma. Eur J Cancer. 2006 Jul;42(10):1428-33.
Bidaut G, Manion FJ, Garcia C, Ochs MF. WaveRead: automatic measurement of relative gene expression levels from microarrays using wavelet analysis. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 2006 Aug;39(4):379-88.
Bort R, Signore M, Tremblay K, Martinez Barbera JP, Zaret KS. Hex homeobox gene controls the transition of the endoderm to a pseudostratified, cell emergent epithelium for liver bud development. Dev Biol. 2006 Feb;290(1):44-56.
Chen X, Arciero CA, Godwin AK. BRCA1-associated complexes: new targets to overcome breast cancer radiation resistance. Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy. 2006 Feb;6(2):187-96.
Daly MB, Axilbund JE, Bryant E, Buys S, Eng C, Friedman S, Esserman LJ, Farrell CD, Ford JM, Garber JE, Jeter JM, Kohlmann W, Lynch PM, Marcom PK, Nabell LM, Offit K, Osarogiagbon RU, Pasche B, Reiser G, Sutphen R, Weitzel JN, National Comprehensive Cancer N. Genetic/familial high-risk assessment: breast and ovarian. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2006 Feb;4(2):156-76.
Jacquemin P, Yoshitomi H, Kashima Y, Rousseau GG, Lemaigre FP, Zaret KS. An endothelial-mesenchymal relay pathway regulates early phases of pancreas development. Dev Biol. 2006 Feb;290(1):189-99.
Jordan VC, Knudson AG. Improvements in tumor targeting, survivorship, and chemoprevention pioneered by tamoxifen. A personal perspective. Oncology (Williston Park). 2006 May;20(6):553-62; discussion 567-8, 573, 577.
Lauritsen JP, Haks MC, Lefebvre JM, Kappes DJ, Wiest DL. Recent insights into the signals that control alphabeta/gammadelta-lineage fate. Immunological reviews. 2006 Feb;209:176-90.
Lauritsen JP, Haks MC, Lefebvre JM, Kappes DJ, Wiest DL, Chen X, Arciero CA, Godwin AK, Barsevick AM, Whitmer K, Nail LM, Beck SL, Dudley WN, Weiner LM, Treat J. Role of the transcription factor Th-POK in CD4:CD8 lineage commitment. . Immunological reviews. 2006 Feb;209(2):237-52.
Meropol NJ, Gold PJ, Diasio RB, Andria M, Dhami M, Godfrey T, Kovatich AJ, Lund KA, Mitchell E, Schwarting R. Thymidine phosphorylase expression is associated with response to capecitabine plus irinotecan in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.[see comment]. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2006 Sep;24(25):4069-77.
Narra K, Borghaei H, Al-Saleem T, Hoglund M, Smith MR. Pure red cell aplasia in B-cell lymphoproliferative disorder treated with rituximab: report of two cases and review of the literature. Leukemia Research. 2006 Jan;30(1):109-14.
Wang G, Kossenkov AV, Ochs MF. LS-NMF: a modified non-negative matrix factorization algorithm utilizing uncertainty estimates. BMC Bioinformatics. 2006 Jan;7:175.
Weaver C, Schiech L, Held-Warmkessel J, Kedziera P, Haney E, DiLullo G, Babb JS, Ruth K, Dell D, Barsevick A. Risk for unplanned hospital readmission of patients with cancer: results of a retrospective medical record review. Oncology Nursing Forum Online. 2006 May;33(3):E44-52.
Adams PD. Application of magnetic beads to purify cells transiently transfected with plasmids encoding short hairpin RNAs. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2005 Jan;296:189-96.
Cheng JD, Valianou M, Canutescu AA, Jaffe EK, Lee HO, Wang H, Lai JH, Bachovchin WW, Weiner LM. Abrogation of fibroblast activation protein enzymatic activity attenuates tumor growth. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2005 Mar;4(3):351-60.
Chen ZS, Guo Y, Belinsky MG, Kotova E, Kruh GD. Transport of bile acids, sulfated steroids, estradiol 17-beta-D-glucuronide, and leukotriene C4 by human multidrug resistance protein 8 (ABCC11). Molecular Pharmacology. 2005 Feb;67(2):545-57.
Feigenberg SJ, Lee WR, Desilvio ML, Winter K, Pisansky TM, Bruner DW, Lawton C, Morton G, Baikadi M, Sandler H. Health-related quality of life in men receiving prostate brachytherapy on RTOG 98-05. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 2005 Jul 15;62(4):956-64.
Fourkal E, Velchev I, Ma CM. Coulomb explosion effect and the maximum energy of protons accelerated by high-power lasers. Physical Review E Statistical, Nonlinear, & Soft Matter Physics. 2005 Mar;71(3 Pt 2B):036412.
Hayashi J, Stoyanova R, Seeger C. The transcriptome of HCV replicon expressing cell lines in the presence of alpha interferon. Virology. 2005 May 10;335(2):264-75.
Henske EP. Tuberous sclerosis and the kidney: from mesenchyme to epithelium, and beyond. Pediatric Nephrology. 2005 Jul;20(7):854-7.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term Non-US Gov't Research Support

Non-US Gov't Research Support NIH Research Support-Extramural Female Male ge [Genetics] me [Metabolism] Middle Aged ph [Physiology] mt [Methods] Mice ch [Chemistry] Cell Line Signal Transduction Adult Comparative Study cytology Aged Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis Risk Factors Breast Neoplasms metabolism aa [Analogs & Derivatives] co [Complications] pa [Pathology] Trans-Activators physiology Neoplasm Staging th [Therapy] Mutation Automated Pattern Recognition ad [Administration & Dosage] embryology Genetic Predisposition to Disease Transcription Factors Immunohistochemistry Endoderm rt [Radiotherapy] Biological Tumor Markers Cell Differentiation administration & dosage en [Enzymology] drug therapy 0 (Antineoplastic Agents) 951-77-9 (Deoxycytidine) dt [Drug Therapy] Time Factors Antineoplastic Agents Gene Expression Profiling et [Etiology] de [Drug Effects] Homeodomain Proteins genetics pd [Pharmacology] US Gov't Research Support-Non-PHS Biological) 0 (Tumor Markers Transfection Neoplasms Cell Proliferation BRCA1 Genes 80 and over Aged Monoclonal) 0 (Antibodies Monoclonal Antibodies Algorithms Embryonic Development 56-45-1 (Serine) Quality Control Thymidylate Synthase Urologic Neoplasms Lymphoma Lung Neoplasms Flow Cytometry Complementary DNA Research Design 72025-60-6 (Leukotriene C4) Lymphopoiesis CD19 Antigens EC 2-1-1-45 (Thymidylate Synthase) sn [Statistics & epidemiology human) 0 (ABCC11 protein Age Factors Artificial Intelligence Western Blotting Survival Analysis Drug Industry Organogenesis Camptothecin Genetic Screening Questionnaires RNA Small Interfering RNA Drug Delivery Systems Fibroblasts Non-Small-Cell Lung therapeutic use MH - Carcinoma 0 (Protons) Molecular Models 63231-63-0 (rna) Patient Readmission Lymphocytic Leukemia-Chronic ep [Epidemiology] Carcinoma Catalytic Domain mortality Binding Sites ae [Adverse Effects] Serine Endopeptidases use Kinetics Proportional Hazards Models Developmental Gene Expression Regulation CD20 Antigens drug therapy MH - Cisplatin Incidence T-Lymphocyte Subsets Karnofsky Performance Status Prostatic Neoplasms Tuberous Sclerosis Survivors Swine Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Liver Prospective Studies Protein Transport Lasers Complementary) 0 (DNA Treatment Outcome CD19) 0 (Antigens Estradiol 1806-98-0 (estradiol-17 beta-glucuronide) therapeutic Feasibility Studies EC 1-3-1-2 (Dihydrouracil Dehydrogenase (NADP)) methods Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation 0 (rituximab) Cell Separation Mesoderm Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 6 Pedigree Thymidine Phosphorylase Pancreas Kidney Neoplasms Thymus Gland Retrospective Studies ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters Prognosis Viral RNA Fluorouracil Mutant Strains Mice 0 (Interferon-alpha)
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