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Duffy K, Al-Saleem T, Karbowniczek M, Ewalt D, Prowse AH, Henske EP. Mutational analysis of the von hippel lindau gene in clear cell renal carcinomas from tuberous sclerosis complex patients. Mod Pathol. 2002 Mar;15(3):205-10.
Russo J, Lareef MH, Tahin Q, Hu YF, Slater C, Ao X, Russo IH. 17Beta-estradiol is carcinogenic in human breast epithelial cells. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2002 Feb;80(2):149-62.
De Rienzo A, Balsara BR, Apostolou S, Jhanwar SC, Testa JR. Loss of heterozygosity analysis defines a 3-cM region of 15q commonly deleted in human malignant mesothelioma. Oncogene. 2001 Sep 27;20(43):6245-9.
Chow NH, Cairns P, Eisenberger CF, Schoenberg MP, Taylor DC, Epstein JI, Sidransky D. Papillary urothelial hyperplasia is a clonal precursor to papillary transitional cell bladder cancer. International journal of cancer. 2000 Nov 20;89(6):514-8.
Yamaguchi K, Wu L, Caballero OL, Hibi K, Trink B, Resto V, Cairns P, Okami K, Koch WM, Sidransky D, Jen J. Frequent gain of the p40/p51/p63 gene locus in primary head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. International journal of cancer. 2000 Jun;86(5):684-9.
Bellacosa A, Cicchillitti L, Schepis F, Riccio A, Yeung AT, Matsumoto Y, Golemis EA, Genuardi M, Neri G. MED1, a novel human methyl-CpG-binding endonuclease, interacts with DNA mismatch repair protein MLH1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999 Mar 30;96(7):3969-74.   PMCID: PMC22404
Cairns P, Sidransky D. Molecular methods for the diagnosis of cancer. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1999 Mar 25;1423(2):C11-8.
Le Voyer TE, Hunter KW. Microsatellite DNA variants among the FVB/NJ, C58/J, and I/LnJ mouse strains. Mamm Genome. 1999 Jun;10(6):542-3.
Yang X, Tahin Q, Hu YF, Russo IH, Balsara BR, Mihaila D, Slater C, Barrett JC, Russo J. Functional roles of chromosomes 11 and 17 in the transformation of human breast epithelial cells in vitro. Int J Oncol. 1999 Oct;15(4):629-38.
Russo J, Yang X, Hu YF, Bove BA, Huang Y, Silva ID, Tahin Q, Wu Y, Higgy N, Zekri A, Russo IH. Biological and molecular basis of human breast cancer. Front Biosci. 1998 Sep;3:D944-60.
Wu Y, Barnabas N, Russo IH, Yang X, Russo J. Microsatellite instability and loss of heterozygosity in chromosomes 9 and 16 in human breast epithelial cells transformed by chemical carcinogens. Carcinogenesis. 1997 May;18(5):1069-74.
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Microsatellite Repeats genetics Human US Gov't Support-PHS Female Non-US Gov't Support metabolism pathology Neoplastic Cell Transformation Chromosome Mapping Breast Neoplasms Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization cytology Loss of Heterozygosity Breast Epithelial Cells analysis Alleles Chromosome Deletion Carrier Proteins Transfection Telomerase US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Human Chromosomes-Pair 9 Cultured Tumor Cells Clone Cells Mice Human Chromosomes-Pair 11 Heterozygote Molecular Sequence Data Animal Carcinogens Polymorphism (Genetics) Human Chromosomes-Pair 17 DNA Repair drug effects Cultured Cells complications Transformed Cell Line Amino Acid Sequence alpha-Fetoproteins Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation Neoplasms Male Head and Neck Neoplasms Sensitivity and Specificity Tumor Stem Cell Assay Cell Division Renal Cell Carcinoma Sequence Alignment Cell Survival Kidney Neoplasms chemically Oligodeoxyribonucleotides Recombinant Proteins Hippel-Lindau Disease Exons DNA Mutational Analysis Human Chromosomes-Pair 16 Phenotype Proteins Hybrid Cells Human Chromosomes-Pair 3 Ligases Neoplasm DNA Hyperplasia Introns Amino Acid Sequence Homology Neoplasm Transplantation SCID Mice Mesothelioma Carcinoembryonic Antigen Polymerase Chain Reaction Variation (Genetics) Adolescence Molecular Cloning Cell Cycle Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma ras Genes diagnosis Mutation Signal Transducing Adaptor Proteins Nuclear Proteins Genetic Models Inbred Strains Mice enzymology physiology Squamous Cell Carcinoma CA-125 Antigen Endodeoxyribonucleases Species Specificity Adult Neoplasm Proteins Repressor Proteins ultrastructure Middle Age pharmacology Disease Progression blood Cell Culture toxicity Base Pair Mismatch chemistry Squamous Cell Neoplasms Biological Tumor Markers Recombinant Fusion Proteins Transitional Cell Carcinoma induced Prostate-Specific Antigen Aged Sequence Deletion Local Neoplasm Recurrence Chorionic Gonadotropin Diethylstilbestrol Cell Line Neoplasm Staging Human Chromosomes-Pair 15 Southern Blotting Kinetics Bladder Neoplasms Child Nucleic Acid Repetitive Sequences p53 Genes isolation & purification Karyotyping Precancerous Conditions Tuberous Sclerosis Artificial Chromosomes-Yeast Base Sequence Papilloma DNA-Binding Proteins etiology biosynthesis Bladder Phosphoproteins Estradiol Human Genome
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