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Publication Listing for the MeSH term MECHANISM. Found 8 abstracts

Vijayakumar S, Dziegielewska B, Levin DS, Song W, Yin J, Yang A, Matsumoto Y, Bermudez VP, Hurwitz J, Tomkinson AE. Phosphorylation of Human DNA Ligase I Regulates Its Interaction with Replication Factor C and Its Participation in DNA Replication and DNA Repair. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2009 Apr;29(8):2042-52.   PMCID: PMC 2663303
Aiyer HS, Vadhanam MV, Stoyanova R, Caprio GD, Clapper ML, Gupta RC. Dietary berries and ellagic acid prevent oxidative DNA damage and modulate expression of DNA repair genes. International journal of molecular sciences. 2008 Mar;9(3):327-41.
Chang JH, Cruo JT, Jiang D, Guo HT, Taylor JM, Block TM. Liver-specific MicroRNA miR-122 enhances the replication of hepatitis C virus in nonhepatic cells. Journal of Virology. 2008 Aug;82(16):8215-23.
Fetterly GJ, Grasela TH, Sherman JW, Dul JL, Grahn A, Lecomte D, Fiedler-Kelly J, Damjanov N, Fishman M, Kane MP, Rubin EH, Tan AR. Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation of neutropenia during phase I development of liposome-entrapped paclitaxel. Clinical Cancer Research. 2008 Sep;14(18):5856-63.
Kim HJ, Barsevick AM, Tulman L, McDermott PA. Treatment-Related Symptom Clusters in Breast Cancer: A Secondary Analysis. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 2008 Nov;36(5):468-79.
Kovalevsky AY, Katz AK, Carrell HL, Hanson L, Mustyakimov M, Fisher SZ, Coates L, Schoenborn BP, Bunick GJ, Glusker JP, Langan P. Hydrogen location in stages of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction: Time-of-flight neutron structure of D-xylose isomerase with bound D-xylulose. Biochemistry. 2008 Jul;47(29):7595-7.
Eswaran J, Lee WH, Debreczeni JE, Filippakopoulos P, Turnbull A, Fedorov O, Deacon SW, Peterson JR, Knapp S. Crystal structures of the p21-activated kinases PAK4, PAK5, and PAK6 reveal catalytic domain plasticity of active group IIPAKs. Structure (London, England : 1993). 2007 Feb;15(2):201-13.
Nordberg E, Friedman M, Gostring L, Adams GP, Brismar H, Nilsson FY, Stahl S, Glimelius B, Carlsson J. Cellular studies of binding, internalization and retention of a radiolabeled EGFR-binding affibody molecule. Nuclear Medicine and Biology. 2007 Aug;34(6):609-18.
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