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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Information Services. Found 12 abstracts

Marcus AC, Diefenbach MA, Stanton AL, Miller SM, Fleisher L, Raich PC, Morra ME, Perocchia RS, Tran ZV, Bright MA. Cancer patient and survivor research from the cancer information service research consortium: A preview of three large randomized trials and initial lessons learned. Journal of health communication. 2013 May;18(5):543-62.
Stanton AL, Morra ME, Diefenbach MA, Miller SM, Slevin Perocchia R, Raich PC, Fleisher L, Wen KY, Tran ZV, Mohamed NE, George R, Bright MA, Marcus AC. Responding to a significant recruitment challenge within three nationwide psychoeducational trials for cancer patients. J Cancer Surviv. 2013 Sep;7(3):392-403.   PMCID: Pmc3737366
Ford JS, Coups EJ, Hay JL. Knowledge of colon cancer screening in a national probability sample in the United States. Journal of health communication. 2006 Jan;11 Suppl 1:19-35.
Bright MA, Fleisher L, Thomsen C, Morra ME, Marcus A, Gehring W. Exploring e-Health usage and interest among cancer information service users: the need for personalized interactions and multiple channels remains. Journal of health communication. 2005 Jan;10 Suppl 1:35-52.
Marcus AC, Morra ME, Bright MA, Fleisher L, Kreps G, Perocchia R. The CIS model for collaborative research in health communications: A brief retrospective from the current generation of research. Journal of health communication. 2005 Jan;(10(Suppl1):235-45.
Cogdill KW. Information needs and information seeking in primary care: a study of nurse practitioners. J Med Libr Assoc. 2003 Apr;91(2):203-15.
Diefenbach MA, Dorsey J, Uzzo RG, Hanks GE, Greenberg RE, Horwitz E, Newton F, Engstrom PF. Decision-making strategies for patients with localized prostate cancer. Semin Urol Oncol. 2002 Feb;20(1):55-62.
Whitmer K, Barsevick A. Patient resources for cancer-related fatigue. Cancer Pract. 2001 Nov;9(6):311-3.
Bruner DW, Pickett M, Joseph A, Burggraf V. Prostate cancer elder alert. Epidemiology, screening, and early detection. J Gerontol Nurs. 2000 Jan;26(1):6-15; quiz 54-5.
Martin VR. Listen for the "whispering disease" [published in multiple journals]. Nursing. 2000 Apr;30(4):30-1.
Pickett M, Bruner DW, Joseph A, Burggraf V. Prostate cancer elder alert. Living with treatment choices and outcomes. J Gerontol Nurs. 2000 Feb;26(2):22-34; quiz 54-5.
Fleisher L, Woodworth M, Morra M, Baum S, Darrow S, Davis S, Slevin-Perocchia R, Stengle W, Ward JA. Balancing research and service: the experience of the cancer information service. Prev Med. 1998 Sep;27(5 Pt 2):S84-92.
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Information Services Male Human Female Aged methods Adult Neoplasms utilization Internet Prostatic Neoplasms blood Patient Education prevention & control United States Communication diagnosis statistics & numerical data Middle Aged Patient Selection Interprofessional Relations Non-US Gov't Support Geriatric Nursing psychology Decision Making Risk Factors Mass Screening Health Care Surveys Experimentation therapy Prostate-Specific Antigen Treatment Outcome Physician-Patient Relations complications Activities of Daily Living Health Plan Implementation Health physiopathology Colonoscopy Colonic Neoplasms US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Health Promotion Needs Assessment Ovarian Neoplasms Primary Health Care Interviews as Topic education Sigmoidoscopy Health Knowledge Quality of Life organization & administration nursing CA-125 Antigen Socioeconomic Factors Nurse Practitioners Fatigue epidemiology Cancer [3293] Middle Age Research Health Education Patient Acceptance of Health Care Questionnaires Mass Media us Telephone Biological Tumor Markers Cognitive Therapy Breast Neoplasms Residence Characteristics Health Care Delivery National Institutes of Health (US) North Carolina Consumer Satisfaction Television Attitudes Health Knowledge-Practice Clinical Trials as Topic Data Collection control survivor research cancer patient-randomized trials Cross-Sectional Studies Human Female Adulthood (18 yrs & older) Aged (65 yrs & older) Young Adult ethnology Survivors Attitude to Health prevention & etiology Primary Prevention Focus Groups Patient Education as Topic
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