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Li M, Sohn JA, Seeger C. Distribution of Hepatitis B Virus Nuclear DNA. J Virol. 2018 Jan;92(1).   PMCID: PMC5730781
Pham C, Nagar S, Korzekwa K. Numerical analysis of time dependent inhibition kinetics: comparison between rat liver microsomes and rat hepatocyte data for mechanistic model fitting. Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems. 2017 Jun 23;:1-28.   PMCID: PMC5742070
Chiang YT, Ip W, Shao W, Song ZE, Chernoff J, Jin T. Activation of cAMP signaling attenuates impaired hepatic glucose disposal in aged male p21-activated protein kinase-1 knockout mice. Endocrinology. 2014 Jun;155(6):2122-32.   PMCID: NO NIH funding
Chisari FV, Mason WS, Seeger C. Virology. Comment on "Specific and nonhepatotoxic degradation of nuclear hepatitis B virus cccDNA". Science (New York, NY). 2014 Jun 13;344(6189):1237.   PMCID: Comment
Mason WS, Liu C, Aldrich CE, Litwin S, Yeh MM. Clonal expansion of normal-appearing human hepatocytes during chronic hepatitis B virus infection. J Virol. 2010 Aug;84(16):8308-15.   PMCID: PMC2916518
Mason WS, Low HC, Xu C, Aldrich CE, Scougall CA, Grosse A, Clouston A, Chavez D, Litwin S, Peri S, Jilbert AR, Lanford RE. Detection of clonally expanded hepatocytes in chimpanzees with chronic hepatitis B virus infection. J Virol. 2009 Sep;83(17):8396-408.   PMCID: PMC2738144
Chai N, Chang HE, Nicolas E, Han Z, Jarnik M, Taylor J. Properties of subviral particles of hepatitis B virus. J Virol. 2008 Aug;82(16):7812-7.   PMCID: PMC2519590
Gudima S, He Y, Chai N, Bruss V, Urban S, Mason W, Taylor J. Primary human hepatocytes are susceptible to infection by hepatitis delta virus assembled with envelope proteins of woodchuck hepatitis virus. J Virol. 2008 Aug;82(15):7276-83.   PMCID: PMC2493318
Gudima S, Meier A, Dunbrack R, Taylor J, Bruss V. Two potentially important elements of the hepatitis B virus large envelope protein are dispensable for the infectivity of hepatitis delta virus. Journal of Virology. 2007 Apr;81(8):4343-7.
Xu C, Yamamoto T, Zhou T, Aldrich CE, Frank K, Cullen JM, Jilbert AR, Mason WS. The liver of woodchucks chronically infected with the woodchuck hepatitis virus contains foci of virus core antigen-negative hepatocytes with both altered and normal morphology. Virology. 2006 Oct 30;359(2):283-94.
Kruh GD. Ins and outs of taxanes.[comment]. Cancer Biology & Therapy. 2005 Sep;4(9):1030-2.
Chang J, Sigal LJ, Lerro A, Taylor J. Replication of the human hepatitis delta virus genome Is initiated in mouse hepatocytes following intravenous injection of naked DNA or RNA sequences. J Virol. 2001 Apr;75(7):3469-73.
Matsumoto K, Yoshitomi H, Rossant J, Zaret KS. Liver organogenesis promoted by endothelial cells prior to vascular function. Science (New York, NY). 2001 Oct 19;294(5542):559-63.
Zaret KS. Hepatocyte differentiation: from the endoderm and beyond. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2001 Oct;11(5):568-74.
Zhu Y, Yamamoto T, Cullen J, Saputelli J, Aldrich CE, Miller DS, Litwin S, Furman PA, Jilbert AR, Mason WS. Kinetics of hepadnavirus loss from the liver during inhibition of viral DNA synthesis. J Virol. 2001 Jan;75(1):311-22.
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Hepatocytes genetics virology metabolism Hepatitis B virus pharmacology Viral DNA Chronic Hepatitis B Animal Hepatitis Delta Virus US Gov't Support-PHS Liver drug effects cytology Woodchuck Hepatitis B Virus Antiviral Agents Cultured Cells Male pathology Virus Replication Mice Circular DNA Marmota methods Signal Transduction ch [Chemistry] Mesoderm pathogenicity Viral Envelope Proteins Amino Acid Sequence Cell Membrane Non-US Gov't Support embryology Virus Assembly Viral Genome Mutation DNA Replication physiology Endoderm Human Virus Integration drug therapy biosynthesis Genetic Selection viral persistence Blood Vessels Molecular Sequence Data ge [Genetics] Biological Transport Cell Division blood supply 114977-28-5 (docetaxel) Sequence Alignment hepatitis B virus me [Metabolism] Viral Cell Transformation Organic Anion Transport Polypeptide C Pancreas Female Immunoblotting Viral RNA Cytochrome P450 hepatitis B virus) 0 (L protein agonists 0 (Viral Envelope Proteins) Physiologic Neovascularization Triazoles isolation & Arabinofuranosyluracil covalently closed circular DNA Hepatitis B Surface Antigens Knockout Mice Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinases Pyrazines Inbred C3H Mice Mechanism Based Inhibition Transfection vi [Virology] Hepatitis delta Antigens Polymerase Chain Reaction Sodium-Independent Organic Anion Transporters Sodium-Independent) 0 (Organic Anion Transporters Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Hepatitis B classification Glycosaminoglycans 0 (Taxoids) Lymphotoxin beta Receptor Morphogenesis Cell Lineage Interferon-alpha Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction antivirals Pan troglodytes Stem Cells Vascular Endothelium blood Duck Hepatitis B Virus Virus Internalization 33069-62-4 (Paclitaxel) Electron Microscopy Hepatitis B Core Antigens Molecular Models chemistry Cell Line Hepatocyte Growth Factor Neurons Viral Gene Expression Regulation Hematopoietic Stem Cells Drug Resistance ph [Physiology] antagonists & inhibitors therapeutic use Tissue Culture Affinity Chromatography Proviruses cy [Cytology] Intravenous Injections Kinetics purification antiviral Microsomes Taxoids isolation & purification Colforsin deficiency Tumor Cell Line Time Dependent Inhibition Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Biological Models Messenger RNA Virus Attachment Paclitaxel growth & development Cyclic AMP Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction human) 0 (SLCO1B3 protein Embryonic Induction Glucose analogs & derivatives Cell Differentiation 0 (Organic Anion Transport Polypeptide C) Lamivudine Growth Factor Receptors analysis p21-Activated Kinases alpha-Fetoproteins
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