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Poleshko A, Einarson MB, Shalginskikh N, Zhang R, Adams PD, Skalka AM, Katz RA. Identification of a functional network of human epigenetic silencing factors. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2010 Jan;285(1):422-33.   PMCID: PMC2804189
Huang H, Fletcher L, Beeharry N, Daniel R, Kao G, Yen TJ, Muschel RJ. Abnormal cytokinesis after X-irradiation in tumor cells that override the G2 DNA damage checkpoint. Cancer Res. 2008 May 15;68(10):3724-32.
Huang H, Hittle J, Zappacosta F, Annan RS, Hershko A, Yen TJ. Phosphorylation sites in BubR1 that regulate kinetochore attachment, tension, and mitotic exit. The Journal of cell biology. 2008 Nov 17;183(4):667-80.   PMCID: PMC2582891
Poleshko A, Palagin I, Zhang R, Boimel P, Castagna C, Adams PD, Skalka AM, Katz RA. Identification of cellular proteins that maintain retroviral epigenetic silencing: evidence for an antiviral response. J Virol. 2008 Mar;82(5):2313-23.   PMCID: PMC2258957
Evans JD, Seeger C. Differential effects of mutations in NS4B on West Nile virus replication and inhibition of interferon signaling. J Virol. 2007 Nov;81(21):11809-16.
Hashiguchi K, Matsumoto Y, Yasui A. Recruitment of DNA repair synthesis machinery to sites of DNA damage/repair in living human cells. Nucleic acids research. 2007 Apr 16;35(9):2913-23.
Katz RA, Jack-Scott E, Narezkina A, Palagin I, Boimel P, Kulkosky J, Nicolas E, Greger JG, Skalka AM. High Frequency Epigenetic Repression and Silencing of Retroviruses can be Antagonized by HDAC Inhibitors and Transcriptional Activators, but Uniform Reactivation in Cell Clones is Restricted by Additional Mechanisms. J Virol. 2007 Jan 03;81(6):2592-604.
Zuccolo M, Alves A, Galy V, Bolhy S, Formstecher E, Racine V, Sibarita JB, Fukagawa T, Shiekhattar R, Yen T, Doye V. The human Nup107-160 nuclear pore subcomplex contributes to proper kinetochore functions. Embo Journal. 2007 Apr 04;26(7):1853-64.
Hayashi J, Stoyanova R, Seeger C. The transcriptome of HCV replicon expressing cell lines in the presence of alpha interferon. Virology. 2005 May 10;335(2):264-75.
He J, Xu J, Xu XX, Hall RA. Cell cycle-dependent phosphorylation of Disabled-2 by cdc2. Oncogene. 2003 Jul 17;22(29):4524-30.
Frolova NS, Schek N, Tikhmyanova N, Coleman TR. Xenopus Cdc6 performs separate functions in initiating DNA replication. Mol Biol Cell. 2002 Apr;13(4):1298-312.
Katz RA, Greger JG, Darby K, Boimel P, Rall GF, Skalka AM. Transduction of interphase cells by avian sarcoma virus. J Virol. 2002 Jun;76(11):5422-34.
Parisi T, Pollice A, Di Cristofano A, Calabro V, La Mantia G. Transcriptional regulation of the human tumor suppressor p14(ARF) by E2F1, E2F2, E2F3, and Sp1-like factors. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2002 Mar 15;291(5):1138-45.
Prowse AH, Vanderveer L, Milling SW, Pan ZZ, Dunbrack RL, Xu XX, Godwin AK. OVCA2 is downregulated and degraded during retinoid-induced apoptosis. International journal of cancer. 2002 May 10;99(2):185-92.
Xiao GH, Beeser A, Chernoff J, Testa JR. p21-activated kinase links Rac/Cdc42 signaling to merlin. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2002 Jan 11;277(2):883-6.
Campbell MS, Chan GK, Yen TJ. Mitotic checkpoint proteins HsMAD1 and HsMAD2 are associated with nuclear pore complexes in interphase. Journal of cell science. 2001 Mar;114(Pt 5):953-63.
Cheng G, Cao Z, Xu X, van Meir EG, Lambeth JD. Homologs of gp91phox: cloning and tissue expression of Nox3, Nox4, and Nox5. Gene. 2001 May 16;269(1-2):131-40.
Daniel R, Katz RA, Merkel G, Hittle JC, Yen TJ, Skalka AM. Wortmannin potentiates integrase-mediated killing of lymphocytes and reduces the efficiency of stable transduction by retroviruses. Mol Cell Biol. 2001 Feb;21(4):1164-72.
Kao GD, McKenna WG, Yen TJ. Detection of repair activity during the DNA damage-induced G2 delay in human cancer cells. Oncogene. 2001 Jun 14;20(27):3486-96.
Lin Y, Ince TA, Scotto KW. Optimization of a versatile in vitro transcription assay for the expression of multiple start site TATA-less promoters. Biochemistry. 2001 Oct 30;40(43):12959-66.
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Hela Cells metabolism genetics Human US Gov't Support-PHS Non-US Gov't Support Mice Animal pharmacology physiology drug effects Molecular Sequence Data Cell Line Proteins Nuclear Proteins antagonists & inhibitors Protein Binding Small Interfering RNA Phosphorylation Reporter Genes Base Sequence Non-Histone Chromosomal Proteins Apoptosis Genetic Vectors Cell Nucleus Enzyme Inhibitors Mitosis Biological Models G2 Phase Cultured Tumor Cells DNA Damage Cell Cycle Amino Acid Sequence Genetic Transcription Retroviridae Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases DNA Repair chemistry Gene Silencing Green Fluorescent Proteins Microtubules Clone Cells Time Factors Research Design Kinetochores Signal Transduction Cell Cycle Proteins Binding Sites Tissue Distribution Chromatin Genetic Epigenesis Interphase Promoter Regions (Genetics) radiation effects Genetic Transduction 3T3 Cells analysis Histone Deacetylases Transfection Molecular Cloning Cultured Cells Genetic Models Drug Dose-Response Relationship Repressor Proteins Genetic Promoter Regions Messenger RNA Metaphase Mitotic Spindle Apparatus Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Reproducibility of Results Gene Expression Profiling Cytokinesis Tretinoin Cattle toxicity Antisense Oligodeoxyribonucleotides Fibroblasts Androstadienes Recombinant Fusion Proteins Molecular Models Non-US Gov't Research Support Microfilament Proteins Hydroxamic Acids Amino Acid Motifs Peptidylprolyl Isomerase DNA Primers COS Cells Retinoids cdc42 GTP-Binding Protein NADPH Oxidase Cell Nucleus Active Transport Hydrolysis Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis Gamma Rays Fenretinide Kinetics Human Chromosomes Trans-Activation (Genetics) Prometaphase Ionizing Radiation Bromodeoxyuridine Genetic Techniques Molecular Evolution Nuclear Pore Adenosine Triphosphate RNA Polymerase II Histones Calcineurin Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Molecular Chaperones Protein Transport Lasers Phosphoproteins cytology Viral DNA beta-Lactamases Adenosinetriphosphatase Xenopus Hamsters Cell Separation ge [Genetics] Pyrethrins Cell Division GTPase-Activating Proteins Viral RNA Recombinant Proteins US Gov't Support-Non-PHS 0 (Interferon-alpha) Centromere Replication Protein C Catalysis Neoplasm DNA Replicon de [Drug Effects] immunology Neurofibromin 2 DNA Interferons Hepacivirus Tumor Suppressor Genes Promyelocytic Leukemia-Acute Potassium Chloride Neurofibromatosis 2 Polymerase Chain Reaction High-Throughput Screening Assays Anaphase Protein Conformation TYK2 Kinase Cytomegalovirus Interferon-alpha
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