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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Genetic Databases. Found 9 abstracts

Kumar S, Stecher G, Suleski M, Hedges SB. TimeTree: A Resource for Timelines, Timetrees, and Divergence Times. Molecular biology and evolution. 2017 Jul;34(7):1812-9.
Ursu O, Gosline SJ, Beeharry N, Fink L, Bhattacharjee V, Huang SC, Zhou Y, Yen T, Fraenkel E. Network modeling of kinase inhibitor polypharmacology reveals pathways targeted in chemical screens. PLoS One. 2017 Oct;12(10):e0185650.   PMCID: PMC5638242
van Esterik JC, Vitins AP, Hodemaekers HM, Kamstra JH, Legler J, Pennings JL, Steegenga WT, Lute C, Jelinek J, Issa JP, Dolle ME, van der Ven LT. Liver DNA methylation analysis in adult female C57BL/6JxFVB mice following perinatal exposure to bisphenol A. Toxicology letters. 2015 Jan 05;232(1):293-300.
Konstantinopoulos PA, Cannistra SA, Fountzilas H, Culhane A, Pillay K, Rueda B, Cramer D, Seiden M, Birrer M, Coukos G, Zhang L, Quackenbush J, Spentzos D. Integrated analysis of multiple microarray datasets identifies a reproducible survival predictor in ovarian cancer. PLoS One. 2011 Mar;6(3):e18202.   PMCID: 3066217
Tikhmyanova NY, Izumchenko EA, Serebriiskii I, Golemis E. A bacterial/yeast merged two-hybrid system. In: Ochs MF, editor. Gene function analysis. Totowa, N.J.: Humana Press; 2007. p. 257-70.
Wang G, Ochs MF. Estimating gene function with least squares nonnegative matrix factorization. In: Ochs MF, editor. Gene function analysis. Totowa, N.J.: Humana Press; 2007. p. 35-.
Zhang R, Adams PD, Ye X. Design and application of a shRNA-based gene replacement retrovirus. In: Ochs MF, editor. Gene function analysis. Totowa, N.J.: Humana Press; 2007. p. 211-21.
Wang G, Kossenkov AV, Ochs MF. LS-NMF: a modified non-negative matrix factorization algorithm utilizing uncertainty estimates. BMC Bioinformatics. 2006 Jan;7:175.
Grant JD, Dunbrack RL, Manion FJ, Ochs MF. BeoBLAST: distributed BLAST and PSI-BLAST on a Beowulf cluster. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 2002 May;18(5):765-6.
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Genetic Databases Genetic Techniques Genomics methods Laboratory Manuals Computational Biology methods genetics Algorithms methods Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis metabolism drug effects Computational Biology Female Sex Factors pathology NIH Research Support-Extramural Deoxycytidine Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects Automated Pattern Recognition Cell Proliferation Maternal Exposure Bisphenol A Uncertainty National Library of Medicine (US) Pancreatic Neoplasms Messenger) 0 (RNA Sequence Analysis Computer Communication Networks High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Tumor Cell Line timetree Molecular Evolution Phylogeny DNA methylation Messenger RNA Biological Models DREAM assay Epigenetics Liver analogs & derivatives Pregnancy Energy Metabolism Human Genome Developmental programming Inbred C57BL Mice Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation US Gov't Support-PHS Comparative Study ge [Genetics] Bisulfite pyrosequencing Computing Methodologies Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Software Information Storage and Retrieval Prognosis Phenotype Phenols Numerical Data] CpG Islands Ovarian Neoplasms United States Protein Kinase Inhibitors mt [Methods] Biological Evolution Polymerase Chain Reaction Biodiversity DNA Sequence Analysis database Internet Non-US Gov't Support Genetic Models Genetic Transcription DNA Methylation Gestational Age Adult Species Specificity divergence time sn [Statistics & Age Factors Reproducibility of Results Risk Factors Survival Analysis Benzhydryl Compounds Environmental Pollutants Gene Expression Profiling pharmacology pharmacokinetics Middle Aged Genetic Variation Multivariate Analysis toxicity 80 and over Aged Neoplasm Genes Non-US Gov't Research Support Signal Transduction Aged Genetic Epigenesis DNA Repair Database Management Systems drug therapy
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