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Li C, Andrake M, Dunbrack R, Enders GH. A bifunctional regulatory element in human somatic Wee1 mediates cyclin A/Cdk2 binding and Crm1-dependent nuclear export. Mol Cell Biol. 2010 Jan;30(1):116-30.   PMCID: PMC2798281
Huang H, Fletcher L, Beeharry N, Daniel R, Kao G, Yen TJ, Muschel RJ. Abnormal cytokinesis after X-irradiation in tumor cells that override the G2 DNA damage checkpoint. Cancer Res. 2008 May 15;68(10):3724-32.
Cortellino S, Turner D, Masciullo V, Schepis F, Albino D, Daniel R, Skalka AM, Meropol NJ, Alberti C, Larue L, Bellacosa A. The base excision repair enzyme MED1 mediates DNA damage response to antitumor drugs and is associated with mismatch repair system integrity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Dec 09;100(25):15071-6.   PMCID: PMC299910
Toby GG, Gherraby W, Coleman TR, Golemis EA. A Novel RING Finger Protein, Human Enhancer of Invasion 10, Alters Mitotic Progression through Regulation of Cyclin B Levels. Mol Cell Biol. 2003 Mar;23(6):2109-22.
Katz RA, Greger JG, Darby K, Boimel P, Rall GF, Skalka AM. Transduction of interphase cells by avian sarcoma virus. J Virol. 2002 Jun;76(11):5422-34.
Grobelny JV, Kulp-McEliece M, Broccoli D. Effects of reconstitution of telomerase activity on telomere maintenance by the alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) pathway. Human molecular genetics. 2001 Sep;10(18):1953-61.
Kao GD, McKenna WG, Yen TJ. Detection of repair activity during the DNA damage-induced G2 delay in human cancer cells. Oncogene. 2001 Jun 14;20(27):3486-96.
Grobelny JV, Godwin AK, Broccoli D. ALT-associated PML bodies are present in viable cells and are enriched in cells in the G(2)/M phase of the cell cycle. Journal of cell science. 2000 Dec;113 Pt 24:4577-85.
Zhang YZ, Gould KL, Dunbrack RJ, Cheng H, Roder H, Golemis EA. The evolutionarily conserved Dim1 protein defines a novel branch of the thioredoxin fold superfamily. Physiol Genomics. 1999 Nov 11;1(3):109-18.
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G2 Phase metabolism genetics Mitosis Human US Gov't Support-PHS Hela Cells Non-US Gov't Support Cell Cycle Female physiology Cell Line DNA Damage Molecular Sequence Data Cell Cycle Proteins Mice Amino Acid Sequence Neoplasm Proteins Cell Nucleus DNA Repair Transcription Factors Conserved Sequence Cultured Tumor Cells Phosphorylation Cell Nucleus Active Transport Animal DNA-Binding Proteins cytology Telomere Luminescent Proteins pharmacology Amino Acid Sequence Homology chemistry Transfection Sequence Alignment Fibroblasts Flow Cytometry Amino Acid Motifs Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Karyopherins Cyclin B Structure-Activity Relationship Avian Sarcoma Viruses Oocytes Genetic Complementation Test Chick Embryo drug effects Viral DNA Cultured Cells Hydroxyurea Nocodazole analysis Ubiquitin Xenopus laevis Inbred C57BL Mice Cell Separation Comparative Study Reporter Genes Cell Survival Gene Library Genetic Transformation Zinc Fingers RNA Interference Thioredoxin Centromere Antineoplastic Agents Fluorescence Microscopy Protein Folding Apoptosis Ovarian Neoplasms Ligases radiation effects Neoplasm DNA Interphase Protein Interaction Mapping DNA Saccharomyces cerevisiae Protein-Tyrosine Kinases Recombinant DNA Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 Clone Cells Ovary Mutation Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins Research Design Nuclear Proteins S Phase Genetic Models Retroviridae Protein Binding Genetic Recombination DNA Methylation Endodeoxyribonucleases Metaphase Species Specificity Non-Histone Chromosomal Proteins inhibitors Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Technique Western Blotting Egg Proteins Cytokinesis Epithelial Cells Genotype Small Interfering RNA toxicity Recombinant Fusion Proteins X-Rays Base Pair Mismatch Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Fungal Proteins Methylnitronitrosoguanidine Mitomycin Cyclin A Telomerase Chromatin Neurons Etoposide Secondary Protein Structure Genetic Transduction Two-Hybrid System Techniques Catalytic Domain Tertiary Protein Structure antagonists & Post-Translational Protein Processing Gamma Rays Aphidicolin Southern Blotting Schizosaccharomyces Kinetics Radiation Tolerance Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Receptors Ionizing Radiation Bromodeoxyuridine Genetic Vectors Molecular Evolution Biological Models Plasmids Time Factors Thymine DNA Glycosylase Transgenic Mice Guanine Telomeric Repeat Binding Protein 1 growth & development Cyclin E
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