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Kuchenbaecker KB, Hopper JL, Barnes DR, Phillips KA, Mooij TM, Roos-Blom MJ, Jervis S, van Leeuwen FE, Milne RL, Andrieu N, Goldgar DE, Terry MB, Rookus MA, Easton DF, Antoniou AC, Brca, Brca Cohort Consortium, McGuffog L, Evans DG, Barrowdale D, Frost D, Adlard J, Ong KR, Izatt L, Tischkowitz M, Eeles R, Davidson R, Hodgson S, Ellis S, Nogues C, Lasset C, Stoppa-Lyonnet D, Fricker JP, Faivre L, Berthet P, Hooning MJ, van der Kolk LE, Kets CM, Adank MA, John EM, Chung WK, Andrulis IL, Southey M, Daly MB, Buys SS, Osorio A, Engel C, Kast K, Schmutzler RK, Caldes T, Jakubowska A, Simard J, Friedlander ML, McLachlan SA, Machackova E, Foretova L, Tan YY, Singer CF, Olah E, Gerdes AM, Arver B, Olsson H. Risks of Breast, Ovarian, and Contralateral Breast Cancer for BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers. Jama. 2017 Jun 20;317(23):2402-16.
Longacre ML, Valdmanis VG, Handorf EA, Fang CY. Work Impact and Emotional Stress Among Informal Caregivers for Older Adults. The journals of gerontology Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences. 2017 May;72(3):522-31.
Siminoff LA, Wilson-Genderson M, Mosavel M, Barker L, Trgina J, Traino HM. Confidentiality in Biobanking Research: A Comparison of Donor and Nondonor Families' Understanding of Risks. Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers. 2017 Mar;21(3):171-7.   PMCID: PMC5367914
Haber AD. Web Exclusives. Annals On Being a Doctor Story Slam--Lessons From the Home Front. Annals of internal medicine. 2016 Jan 19;164(2):SS8.   PMCID: NA
Siminoff LA, Traino HM, Mosavel M, Barker L, Gudger G, Undale A. Family decision maker perspectives on the return of genetic results in biobanking research. Genet Med. 2016 Jan;18(1):82-8.   PMCID: PMC4600004
Traino HM, Siminoff LA. Keep it going: maintaining health conversations using relational and instrumental approaches. Health communication. 2016 Jan;31(3):308-19.
Siminoff LA, Molisani AJ, Traino HM. A Comparison of the Request Process and Outcomes in Adult and Pediatric Organ Donation. Pediatrics. 2015 Jul;136(1):e108-e114.   PMCID: 4485007
Engstrom PF. Physician burnout. J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2013 Apr;11(4):502-4.   PMCID: Editorial
Wang C, Gallo RE, Fleisher L, Miller SM. Literacy assessment of family health history tools for public health prevention. Public Health Genomics. 2011 Jan;14(4-5):222-37.   PMCID: Pmc2891255
Miller SM, Bowen DJ, Croyle RT, Rowland JH. Handbook of cancer control and behavioral science: A resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. In: Handbook of cancer control and behavioral science: A resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association; 2009. p. 652.
Tseng M, Vierkant RA, Kushi LH, Vachon CM, Sellers TA. Dietary patterns and breast density in the Minnesota breast cancer family study. Cancer Causes & Control. 2009 Jan;19(5):481-9.
Norton TR, Manne SL, Rubin S, Hernandez E, Carlson J, Bergman C, Rosenblum N. Ovarian Cancer Patients' Psychological Distress: The Role of Physical Impairment, Perceived Unsupportive Family and Friend Behaviors, Perceived Control, and Self-Esteem. Health Psychology. 2005 Jan;24(2):143-52.
Nordin K, Bjork J, Berglund G. Factors influencing intention to obtain a genetic test for a hereditary disease in an affected group and in the general public. Prev Med. 2004 Dec;39(6):1107-14.
Manne S, Markowitz A, Winawer S, Guillem J, Meropol NJ, Haller D, Jandorf L, Rakowski W, Babb J, Duncan T. Understanding intention to undergo colonoscopy among intermediate-risk siblings of colorectal cancer patients: a test of a mediational model. Prev Med. 2003 Jan;36(1):71-84.
Masny A, Daly M, Ross E, Balshem A, Gillespie D, Weil S. A training course for oncology nurses in familial cancer risk assessment: evaluation of knowledge and practice. Journal of cancer education : the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Education. 2003 Jan;18(1):20-5.
Wagner Costalas J, Itzen M, Malick J, Babb JS, Bove B, Godwin AK, Daly MB. Communication of BRCA1 and BRCA2 results to at-risk relatives: a cancer risk assessment program's experience. Am J Med Genet. 2003 May 15;119C(1):11-8.
Manne SL. Prostate cancer support and advocacy groups: their role for patients and family members. Semin Urol Oncol. 2002 Feb;20(1):45-54.
Miller SM, Diefenbach MA, Kruus LK, Watkins-Bruner D, Hanks GE, Engstrom PF. Psychological and screening profiles of first-degree relatives of prostate cancer patients. J Behav Med. 2001 Jun;24(3):247-58.
Verhage BA, Baffoe-Bonnie AB, Baglietto L, Smith DS, Bailey-Wilson JE, Beaty TH, Catalona WJ, Kiemeney LA. Autosomal dominant inheritance of prostate cancer: a confirmatory study. Urology. 2001 Jan;57(1):97-101.
Waters E, Weinfield NS, Hamilton CE. The stability of attachment security from infancy to adolescence and early adulthood: general discussion. Child Dev. 2000 May;71(3):703-6.
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Family psychology Female Adult Male Human Middle Aged Non-US Gov't Support epidemiology Neoplasms Tissue Donors US Gov't Support-PHS diagnosis Aged Risk Assessment genetics organization & administration Adolescent Breast Neoplasms Prostatic Neoplasms methods Middle Age Tissue and Organ Procurement etiology Risk Factors BRCA1 Genes 80 and over Aged Logistic Models statistics & numerical data Biological Specimen Banks Decision Making Psychological Stress prevention & control Attitude to Health Cost of Illness Time Factors Health Behavior United States BRCA2 Genes Age Factors Interpersonal Relations Interviews as Topic Child Ovarian Neoplasms Genetic Screening Follow-Up Studies Physicians Comprehension Preventive Health Services Health Communication Residence Characteristics Mantle-Cell Lymphoma Preschool Child Medical History Taking Intervention Infant Involutional Depression Attitudes Health Knowledge-Practice Aging Data Collection Physician's Role Self Esteem Caregiving Attitude Incidence Nursing Education-Continuing Professional Burnout Young Adult Disclosure Diets Emotional Stress Prospective Studies Social Support Physician-Patient Relations Health Impairments Age Distribution biobanking Pedigree Retrospective Studies Attitudes Knowledge-Practice tissue donation US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Patient Advocacy Employment Internal External Locus of Control Genetic Counseling Patient Education ethics Mammography Genetic Privacy Biomedical Research Specimen Handling Job Satisfaction Terminally Ill Self-Help Groups Dominant Genes Heterozygote Sociocultural Factors Quality of Life Genetic Models Perception Distress Oncologic Nursing Genetic Predisposition to Disease Age of Onset Likelihood Functions Sibling Relations Theoretical Models Public Health Social Environment Personality Friendship Nutrition Second Primary Neoplasms Chromosome Segregation Emotions Medical Oncology Social Work Caregivers informed consent Professional-Family Relations complications Colonoscopy Chi-Square Distribution Comparative Study Nurse's Role Health Literacy Genetic Testing Risk Colorectal Neoplasms Breast manpower Spouses Inborn Genetic Diseases Health Care Policy Tissue Banks Mass Screening Family Health education Object Attachment Mutation Sweden Narration Surveys and Questionnaires Ovaries Clinical Competence Behavioral Sciences Choice Behavior Siblings Questionnaires
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