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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Experimental Neoplasms. Found 15 abstracts

Stromyer ML, Southerland MR, Satyal U, Sikder RK, Weader DJ, Baughman JA, Youngs WJ, Abbosh PH. Synthesis, characterization, and biological activity of a triphenylphosphonium-containing imidazolium salt against select bladder cancer cell lines. European journal of medicinal chemistry. 2020 Jan;185:111832.
Kalra N, Zhang J, Thomas A, Xi L, Cheung M, Talarchek J, Burkett S, Tsokos MG, Chen Y, Raffeld M, Miettinen M, Pastan I, Testa JR, Hassan R. Mesothelioma patient derived tumor xenografts with defined BAP1 mutations that mimic the molecular characteristics of human malignant mesothelioma. BMC Cancer. 2015 Jan;15:376.   PMCID: PMC4431029
Gate L, Majumdar RS, Lunk A, Tew KD. Influence of glutathione S-transferase pi and p53 expression on tumor frequency and spectrum in mice. International journal of cancer. 2005 Jan;113(1):29-35.
Fedele M, Battista S, Kenyon L, Baldassarre G, Fidanza V, Klein-Szanto AJ, Parlow AF, Visone R, Pierantoni GM, Outwater E, Santoro M, Croce CM, Fusco A. Overexpression of the HMGA2 gene in transgenic mice leads to the onset of pituitary adenomas. Oncogene. 2002 May 09;21(20):3190-8.
Ma J, Pulfer S, Li S, Chu J, Reed K, Gallo JM. Pharmacodynamic-mediated reduction of temozolomide tumor concentrations by the angiogenesis inhibitor TNP-470. Cancer Res. 2001 Jul 15;61(14):5491-8.
Adams GP, Shaller CC, Chappell LL, Wu C, Horak EM, Simmons HH, Litwin S, Marks JD, Weiner LM, Brechbiel MW. Delivery of the alpha-emitting radioisotope bismuth-213 to solid tumors via single-chain Fv and diabody molecules. Nucl Med Biol. 2000 May;27(4):339-46.
Herold DM, Das IJ, Stobbe CC, Iyer RV, Chapman JD. Gold microspheres: a selective technique for producing biologically effective dose enhancement. Int J Radiat Biol. 2000 Oct;76(10):1357-64.
St John LS, Sauter ER, Herlyn M, Litwin S, Adler-Storthz K. Endogenous p53 gene status predicts the response of human squamous cell carcinomas to wild-type p53. Cancer Gene Ther. 2000 May;7(5):749-56.
Ahmed NN, Franke TF, Bellacosa A, Datta K, Gonzalez-Portal ME, Taguchi T, Testa JR, Tsichlis PN. The proteins encoded by c-akt and v-akt differ in post-translational modification, subcellular localization and oncogenic potential. Oncogene. 1993 Jul;8(7):1957-63.
Nelson KJ, Haimovich J, Perry RP. Characterization of productive and sterile transcripts from the immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus: processing of micron and muS mRNA. Mol Cell Biol. 1983 Jul;3(7):1317-32.
Kelley DE, Coleclough C, Perry RP. Functional significance and evolutionary development of the 5'-terminal regions of immunoglobulin variable-region genes. Cell. 1982 Jun;29(2):681-9.
Mather EL, Perry RP. Transcriptional regulation of immunoglobulin V genes. Nucleic acids research. 1981 Dec 21;9(24):6855-67.
Perry RP, Kelley DE, Coleclough C, Kearney JF. Organization and expression of immunoglobulin genes in fetal liver hybridomas. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1981 Jan;78(1):247-51.
Coleclough C, Cooper D, Perry RP. Rearrangement of immunoglobulin heavy chain genes during B-lymphocyte development as revealed by studies of mouse plasmacytoma cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1980 Mar;77(3):1422-6.
Perry RP, Kelley DE, Coleclough C, Seidman JG, Leder P, Tonegawa S, Matthyssens G, Weigert M. Transcription of mouse kappa chain genes: implications for allelic exclusion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1980 Apr;77(4):1937-41.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term Experimental Neoplasms

Experimental Neoplasms Mice US Gov't Support-PHS genetics Non-US Gov't Support US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Genetic Transcription metabolism Male Animal Messenger RNA Cell Line pharmacology kappa-Chain Immunoglobulins Human Plasmacytoma Light-Chain Immunoglobulins immunology Female Heavy-Chain Immunoglobulins pathology MHC Class II Genes SCID Mice mu-Chain Immunoglobulins chemistry Base Sequence Cultured Tumor Cells Time Factors Structural Genes Immunoglobulin Variable Region Gene Expression Regulation Protein p53 DNA Cell Nucleus Neoplasm RNA drug therapy radiotherapy Immunoglobulins Myeloma Proteins Immunoblotting B-Lymphocytes Immunoglobulin Constant Region Antibody Binding Sites Bismuth Neoplasm Transplantation Nude Mice biosynthesis Comparative Study Apoptosis Oncogene Protein v-akt Pituitary Neoplasms Enzymologic Gene Expression Regulation Microspheres Inbred ICR Mice Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays Alpha Particles Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt Antineoplastic Agents Phenotype gamma-Chain Immunoglobulins Hybrid Cells Microdialysis Biological) 0 (Tumor Markers chemical synthesis Knockout Mice Prolactinoma Cell Culture Techniques Alleles Precipitin Tests Mesothelioma Triphenylphosphonium salt Proto-Oncogene Proteins Alkylating Antineoplastic Agents In Vitro Lymphoma Genes Molecular Structure Lung Neoplasms Flow Cytometry Recombinant DNA Cell Cycle EC 2-5-1-18 (glutathione S-transferase pi) Ubiquitin Thiolesterase Mutation Nucleic Acid Precursors Angiogenesis Inhibitors Hela Cells physiology Squamous Cell Carcinoma Drug Dose-Response Relationship Tumor Suppressor Proteins Cytomegalovirus Abnormalities Radioimmunotherapy Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor p16 Gold Chromosome Deletion Transgenes Middle Aged CHO Cells Rats blood Genotype Fetus df [Deficiency] Mink Aspergillus Nuclease S1 toxicity Prolactin Organophosphorus Compounds Recombinant Fusion Proteins Molecular Models Keratinocytes secretion Nude Rats Cyclins Proto-Oncogenes Nucleic Acid Repetitive Sequences Growth Hormone Dacarbazine p53 Genes Oncogenic Retroviridae Proteins Oncogenes Young Adult Immunoglobulin Fragments Drug Interactions Sesquiterpenes therapy pharmacokinetics Biological Tumor Markers Bladder cancer Urogenital Diseases EC 2-5-1-18 (Glutathione Transferase) 0 (Protein p53) Aged alpha-Chain Immunoglobulins Adenoviridae Genetic Transduction Survival Rate therapeutic use Neoplastic Cell Transformation Radiation-Sensitizing Agents Post-Translational Protein Processing Cell Proliferation Antitumor Drug Screening Assays Endonucleases Adenoma HMGA2 Protein Tumor Cell Line Transgenic Mice
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