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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Energy Metabolism. Found 11 abstracts

Tahrir FG, Shanmughapriya S, Ahooyi TM, Knezevic T, Gupta MK, Kontos CD, McClung JM, Madesh M, Gordon J, Feldman AM, Cheung JY, Khalili K. Dysregulation of mitochondrial bioenergetics and quality control by HIV-1 Tat in cardiomyocytes. Journal of cellular physiology. 2018 Feb;233(2):748-58.   PMCID: PMC5673531
Tahrir FG, Shanmughapriya S, Ahooyi TM, Knezevic T, Gupta MK, Kontos CD, McClung JM, Madesh M, Gordon J, Feldman AM, Cheung JY, Khalili K. Dysregulation of mitochondrial bioenergetics and quality control by HIV-1 Tat in cardiomyocytes. Journal of cellular physiology. 2018 Feb;233(2):748-58.   PMCID: PMC5673531
Cheng J, Nanayakkara G, Shao Y, Cueto R, Wang L, Yang WY, Tian Y, Wang H, Yang X. Mitochondrial Proton Leak Plays a Critical Role in Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Diseases. Advances in experimental medicine and biology. 2017 May;982:359-70.   PMCID: PMC5630226
Dong Z, Shanmughapriya S, Tomar D, Siddiqui N, Lynch S, Nemani N, Breves SL, Zhang X, Tripathi A, Palaniappan P, Riitano MF, Worth AM, Seelam A, Carvalho E, Subbiah R, Jana F, Soboloff J, Peng Y, Cheung JY, Joseph SK, Caplan J, Rajan S, Stathopulos PB, Madesh M. Mitochondrial Ca(2+) Uniporter Is a Mitochondrial Luminal Redox Sensor that Augments MCU Channel Activity. Molecular cell. 2017 Mar 16;65(6):1014-1028e7.   PMCID: PMC5357178
Li X, Fang P, Yang WY, Chan K, Lavallee M, Xu K, Gao T, Wang H, Yang X. Mitochondrial ROS, uncoupled from ATP synthesis, determine endothelial activation for both physiological recruitment of patrolling cells and pathological recruitment of inflammatory cells. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology. 2017 Mar;95(3):247-52.   PMCID: PMC5336492
Tahrir FG, Knezevic T, Gupta MK, Gordon J, Cheung JY, Feldman AM, Khalili K. Evidence for the Role of BAG3 in Mitochondrial Quality Control in Cardiomyocytes. Journal of cellular physiology. 2017 Apr;232(4):797-805.   PMCID: PMC5663276
Tomar D, Dong Z, Shanmughapriya S, Koch DA, Thomas T, Hoffman NE, Timbalia SA, Goldman SJ, Breves SL, Corbally DP, Nemani N, Fairweather JP, Cutri AR, Zhang X, Song J, Jana F, Huang J, Barrero C, Rabinowitz JE, Luongo TS, Schumacher SM, Rockman ME, Dietrich A, Merali S, Caplan J, Stathopulos P, Ahima RS, Cheung JY, Houser SR, Koch WJ, Patel V, Gohil VM, Elrod JW, Rajan S, Madesh M. MCUR1 Is a Scaffold Factor for the MCU Complex Function and Promotes Mitochondrial Bioenergetics. Cell Rep. 2016 May 24;15(8):1673-85.   PMCID: PMC4880542
van Esterik JC, Vitins AP, Hodemaekers HM, Kamstra JH, Legler J, Pennings JL, Steegenga WT, Lute C, Jelinek J, Issa JP, Dolle ME, van der Ven LT. Liver DNA methylation analysis in adult female C57BL/6JxFVB mice following perinatal exposure to bisphenol A. Toxicology letters. 2015 Jan 05;232(1):293-300.
Barsevick AM, Whitmer K, Sweeney C, Nail LM. A pilot study examining energy conservation for cancer treatment-related fatigue. Cancer nursing. 2002 Oct;25(5):333-41.
Stoyanova R, Brown TR. NMR spectral quantitation by principal component analysis. III. A generalized procedure for determination of lineshape variations. J Magn Reson. 2002 Feb;154(2):163-75.
Shastry MC, Roder H. Evidence for barrier-limited protein folding kinetics on the microsecond time scale. Nat Struct Biol. 1998 May;5(5):385-92.
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metabolism Energy Metabolism Reactive Oxygen Species Cardiac Myocytes Calcium Autophagy Calcium Channels Mitochondria Adenosine Triphosphate Time Factors Mitochondrial Degradation chemistry Sprague-Dawley Rats Apoptosis Signal Transduction US Gov't Support-PHS Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Heart Mitochondria pathology drug effects Cell Hypoxia HeLa Cells HIV-1 cardiomyocytes Cardiovascular Diseases Sequestosome-1 Protein Primary Cell Culture Oxidative Stress Kinetics Membrane Potentials Oxidative Phosphorylation Host-Pathogen Interactions mitochondrial bioenergetics Non-US Gov't Support Female Microtubule-Associated Proteins Cultured Cells hypoxia virology reoxygenation genetics methods physiopathology Inbred C57BL Mice pharmacology HIV-1 Tat Knockout Mice mitochondria Endothelial Cells Animal Human Immunodeficiency Virus tat Gene Products HEK293 Cells Cell Death Bisulfite pyrosequencing bioenergetics cardiovascular disease Inflammation Inflammation Mediators Human Protein Domains Ligands US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Patient Compliance Protons Phenotype Protein Folding Physiologic Neovascularization Phenols cancer CpG Islands Fluorescence Spectrometry mitochondrie Oxidation-Reduction instrumentation Transfection Micu2 Polymerase Chain Reaction gluathionylation Proton leak Cardiovascular disease Mutation Gene regulation Proteasome Inhibitors Signal Transducing Adaptor Proteins Apoptosis Regulatory Proteins Cysteine Phosphorus Protein Binding physiology Oncologic Nursing DNA Methylation Gestational Age Carbonyl Cyanide m-Chlorophenyl Hydrazone Fatigue Mcu Age Factors Ros Muscles Calcium Signaling Computational Biology Benzhydryl Compounds Environmental Pollutants Mitochondrial Proteins calcium Vascular Endothelium Rats toxicity Heme Molecular Models Protein Multimerization COS Cells Cell Line Glutathione Emre Bisphenol A Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species Ubiquitin-Protein Ligases Theoretical Models Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Mitochondrial respiratory chain Thrombin Cercopithecus aethiops Mitochondrial Membranes Genetic Databases inflammation vasculaire Sex Factors Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects Mice Heart Post-Translational Protein Processing Electron Transport Mcur1 Cell Movement Gene Deletion Maternal Exposure Ion Channel Gating Lipopolysaccharides reactive oxygen species High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Pilot Projects DNA methylation Transendothelial and Transepithelial Migration DREAM assay Temperature derives reactifs de l'oxygene Quaternary Protein Structure Epigenetics maladies cardiovasculaires Micu1 therapy
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