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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Electron Transport. Found 5 abstracts

Nanayakkara GK, Wang H, Yang X. Proton leak regulates mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation in endothelial cell activation and inflammation - A novel concept. Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. 2019 Feb 15;662:68-74.   PMCID: PMC6800189
Cheng J, Nanayakkara G, Shao Y, Cueto R, Wang L, Yang WY, Tian Y, Wang H, Yang X. Mitochondrial Proton Leak Plays a Critical Role in Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Diseases. Advances in experimental medicine and biology. 2017 May;982:359-70.   PMCID: PMC5630226
Ishii S, Suzuki S, Yamanaka Y, Wu A, Nealson KH, Bretschger O. Population dynamics of electrogenic microbial communities in microbial fuel cells started with three different inoculum sources. Bioelectrochemistry. 2017 Oct;117:74-82.
Chen JQ, Cammarata PR, Baines CP, Yager JD. Regulation of mitochondrial respiratory chain biogenesis by estrogens/estrogen receptors and physiological, pathological and pharmacological implications. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 2009 Oct;1793(10):1540-70.   PMCID: PMC2744640
Chen JQ, Russo PA, Cooke C, Russo IH, Russo J. ERbeta shifts from mitochondria to nucleus during estrogen-induced neoplastic transformation of human breast epithelial cells and is involved in estrogen-induced synthesis of mitochondrial respiratory chain proteins. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 2007 Dec;1773(12):1732-46.
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Electron Transport metabolism Mitochondria genetics Cardiovascular Diseases drug effects Proton leak Signal Transduction Estrogens Female enzymology pathology Protons Reactive Oxygen Species pharmacology Mitochondrial Proteins Post-Translational Protein Processing Electron transport chain (ETC) uncoupling Cell Proliferation Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Oxidative Stress Neuroprotective Agents Endothelial Cells Electron Transport Complex IV control Estrogen Receptors Alzheimer Disease Propionates Cardiovascular disease Mitochondrial Genome Cardiovascular diseases Estrogen Receptor beta Adenosine Triphosphate Gene regulation Biological Models Bioelectric Energy Sources Subcellular Fractions Nitriles Genetic Transcription etiology physiology Protein Transport 16S rRNA clone analysis Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (mtROS) Gene Silencing biosynthesis Energy Metabolism Proteobacteria Mitochondrial Proton-Translocating ATPases Microbial fuel cell Estradiol ultrastructure Heart Mitochondria Crystalline Lens Electron Transport Chain Complex Proteins Anode biofilm Ribosomal RNA-16S Epithelial Cells physiopathology Electrogenic community Male prevention & Cell Nucleus Inflammation Endothelial cell activation Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species Breast Mitochondrial respiratory chain microbiology Microbial community dynamics Hormone-Dependent Neoplasms Breast Neoplasms Protein Biosynthesis Cell Line drug therapy Neoplasm Drug Resistance Cardiac Myocytes Neoplastic Cell Transformation Parkinson Disease Apoptosis Mitochondrial DNA Mice
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