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Ma GX, Zhang GY, Zhai S, Ma X, Tan Y, Shive SE, Wang MQ. Hepatitis B screening among Chinese Americans: a structural equation modeling analysis. BMC infectious diseases. 2015 Jan;15:120.   PMCID: PMC4357149
Martin JM, Handorf EA, Kutikov A, Uzzo RG, Bekelman JE, Horwitz EM, Smaldone MC. The rise and fall of prostate brachytherapy: use of brachytherapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer in the National Cancer Data Base. Cancer. 2014 Jul 15;120(14):2114-21.   PMCID: 4429530
Bass SB, Gordon TF, Ruzek SB, Wolak C, Ruggieri D, Mora G, Rovito MJ, Britto J, Parameswaran L, Abedin Z, Ward S, Paranjape A, Lin K, Meyer B, Pitts K. Developing a computer touch-screen interactive colorectal screening decision aid for a low-literacy African American population: lessons learned. Health promotion practice. 2013 Jul;14(4):589-98.
Jibaja-Weiss ML, Volk RJ, Granch TS, Nefe NE, Spann SJ, Aoki N, Robinson EK, Freidman LC, Beck JR. Entertainment education for informed breast cancer treatment decisions in low-literate women: development and initial evaluation of a patient decision aid. Journal of cancer education : the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Education. 2006 Jan;21(3):133-9.
Ma GX, Fang CY, Knauer CA, Tan Y, Shive SE. Tobacco dependence, risk perceptions and self-efficacy among Korean American smokers. Addictive behaviors. 2006 Oct;31(10):1776-84.
Djousse L, Dorgan JF, Zhang Y, Schatzkin A, Hood M, D'Agostino RB, Copenhafer DL, Kreger BE, Ellison RC. Alcohol consumption and risk of lung cancer: the Framingham Study. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2002 Dec 18;94(24):1877-82.
Keintz MK, Fleisher L, Rimer BK. Reaching mothers of preschool-aged children with a targeted quit smoking intervention. Journal of Community Health. 1994 Feb;19(1):25-40.
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Educational Status Female Male Middle Aged ethnology Adult Questionnaires Risk Factors Aged diagnosis Decision Support Techniques utilization Cohort Studies methods Asian Americans United States User-Computer Interface pathology Attitudes Health Knowledge-Practice Health Insurance Risk Assessment psychology statistics & numerical data epidemiology Smoking Prostatectomy Texas Incidence Decision Making Cross-Sectional Studies Prostatic Neoplasms Registries Young Adult prostatectomy screening Patient Satisfaction Income Attitude to Health therapy Brachytherapy Prospective Studies etiology Patient Education as Topic Medicare Interviews Utilization Review Behavioral Changes Age Factors Self Concept Statistical Factor Analysis Middle Age Computer-Assisted Decision Making Program Development Colonoscopy Adenocarcinoma US Gov't Support-PHS Smoking Cessation Programs Hepatitis B virus Korea Outcomes (Health Care) adverse effects prostatic neoplasms computer touch-screen Human Colorectal Neoplasms Adolescent pf [Psychosocial Factors] brachytherapy African Americans Cost-Benefit Analysis Odds Ratio Suburban Population radiotherapy Mass Screening Ethnic Groups Adolescence Pennsylvania Lung Neoplasms education Regression Hepatitis B Research Design Community Health Nursing Mothers Non-US Gov't Support economics Emigrants and Immigrants Perception China Continental Population Groups clinical practice patterns Urban Population Tobacco Use Disorder surgery Medically Uninsured Multivariate Analysis 80 and over Aged Telephone Physician's Practice Patterns Self Efficacy Rural Population Breast Neoplasms trends colorectal cancer (CRC) Neoplasm Staging Early Detection of Cancer Confidence Intervals Conceptual Framework perceptual mapping Factual Databases Alcohol Drinking Computers use Program Evaluation Massachusetts
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