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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Dominant Genes. Found 8 abstracts

Valenti F, Ibetti J, Komiya Y, Baxter M, Lucchese AM, Derstine L, Covaciu C, Rizzo V, Vento R, Russo G, Macaluso M, Cotelli F, Castiglia D, Gottardi CJ, Habas R, Giordano A, Bellipanni G. The increase in maternal expression of axin1 and axin2 contribute to the zebrafish mutant ichabod ventralized phenotype. Journal of cellular biochemistry. 2015 Mar;116(3):418-30.
Chen CY, Graham J, Yan H. Evidence for a replication function of FFA-1, the Xenopus orthologue of Werner syndrome protein. The Journal of cell biology. 2001 Mar 05;152(5):985-96.
Khare L, Strizheva GD, Bailey JN, Au KS, Northrup H, Smith M, Smalley SL, Henske EP. A novel missense mutation in the GTPase activating protein homology region of TSC2 in two large families with tuberous sclerosis complex. J Med Genet. 2001 May;38(5):347-9.
Mota M, Reeder M, Chernoff J, Bazenet CE. Evidence for a role of mixed lineage kinases in neuronal apoptosis. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2001 Jul 15;21(14):4949-57.
Roushdy-Hammady I, Siegel J, Emri S, Testa JR, Carbone M. Genetic-susceptibility factor and malignant mesothelioma in the Cappadocian region of Turkey. Lancet (London, England). 2001 Feb 10;357(9254):444-5.
Verhage BA, Baffoe-Bonnie AB, Baglietto L, Smith DS, Bailey-Wilson JE, Beaty TH, Catalona WJ, Kiemeney LA. Autosomal dominant inheritance of prostate cancer: a confirmatory study. Urology. 2001 Jan;57(1):97-101.
Moraleda G, Dingle K, Biswas P, Chang J, Zuccola H, Hogle J, Taylor J. Interactions between hepatitis delta virus proteins. J Virol. 2000 Jun;74(12):5509-15.
Knudson AG. Hereditary predisposition to cancer. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1997 Dec 29;833:58-67.
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genetics Dominant Genes Human metabolism Female physiology Male chemistry Mutation Non-US Gov't Support US Gov't Support-PHS pharmacology Aged Pedigree Protein Binding drug effects Genetic Predisposition to Disease Animal Signal Transduction Recombinant Fusion Proteins Enzyme Activation Cell Nucleus Middle Age biosynthesis Protein Stability Zebrafish Single-Stranded Conformational Polymorphism Cell Extracts Developmental Gene Expression Regulation Zebrafish Proteins Founder Effect Missense Mutation beta Catenin Zeolites Inbreeding DNA Replication Virus Assembly Precancerous Conditions Tuberous Sclerosis Prostatic Neoplasms Oncogenes Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-2 Antibody Specificity Messenger RNA Werner Syndrome Base Sequence Pleural Neoplasms Mental Disorders DNA-Binding Proteins Sprague-Dawley Rats Protein Transport Mining Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Oocytes Post-Transcriptional RNA Processing cytology Viral Proteins Cultured Cells Microinjections Gene Expression Amino Acid Sequence Phosphorylation Adenosinetriphosphatase Lithium Chloride physiopathology Xenopus laevis Neoplasms Molecular Sequence Data Thermodynamics adverse effects Cell Survival GTPase-Activating Proteins Axin Protein Environment MAP Kinase Kinase Kinases Nerve Growth Factor Risk Viral RNA Exons Cultured Tumor Cells Axis formation Phenotype Apoptosis Selection (Genetics) Superior Cervical Ganglion Embryonic Development Alleles Tumor Suppressor Genes Mesothelioma Precipitin Tests Up-Regulation Spermatozoa Hepatitis delta Antigens Molecular Cloning Turkey Chromosome Mapping Protein Conformation Heterozygote Genetic Models enzymology Chromosome Disorders Adult Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Technique Repressor Proteins Dimerization Age Factors Risk Factors Population Genetics Stem Cells Likelihood Functions Chromosome Aberrations DNA Helicases Rats RNA 80 and over Aged Puberty Hepatitis Delta Virus Peptide Fragments Amino Acid Motifs Age of Onset DNA Repair Beta-catenin Sequence Homology Amino Acid Substitution Virus Replication Wnt signaling Sequence Deletion Neurons Blastula Cell Line cdc42 GTP-Binding Protein Chromosome Segregation Survival Rate Conserved Sequence Carcinoma mortality Axin2-RGS DOMAIN Family Affinity Chromatography embryology Viral Genes Immunohistochemistry Hepatitis Antigens Site-Directed Mutagenesis
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