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Publication Listing for the MeSH term CpG Islands. Found 12 abstracts

Jelinek J, Lee JT, Cesaroni M, Madzo J, Liang S, Lu Y, Issa JJ. Digital Restriction Enzyme Analysis of Methylation (DREAM). Methods Mol Biol. 2018 Jan;1708:247-65.
Good CR, Madzo J, Patel B, Maegawa S, Engel N, Jelinek J, Issa JJ. A novel isoform of TET1 that lacks a CXXC domain is overexpressed in cancer. Nucleic acids research. 2017 Aug 21;45(14):8269-81.   PMCID: PMC5737541
Ghosh J, Mainigi M, Coutifaris C, Sapienza C. Outlier DNA methylation levels as an indicator of environmental exposure and risk of undesirable birth outcome. Human molecular genetics. 2016 Jan;25(1):123-9.   PMCID: PMC4690496
Overman MJ, Morris V, Moinova H, Manyam G, Ensor J, Lee MS, Eng C, Kee B, Fogelman D, Shroff RT, LaFramboise T, Mazard T, Feng T, Hamilton S, Broom B, Lutterbaugh J, Issa JP, Markowitz SD, Kopetz S. Phase I/II study of azacitidine and capecitabine/oxaliplatin (CAPOX) in refractory CIMP-high metastatic colorectal cancer: evaluation of circulating methylated vimentin. Oncotarget. 2016 Oct 11;7(41):67495-506.   PMCID: PMC5341892
Foy JP, Pickering CR, Papadimitrakopoulou VA, Jelinek J, Lin SH, William WN, Frederick MJ, Wang J, Lang W, Feng L, Zhang L, Kim ES, Fan YH, Hong WK, El-Naggar AK, Lee JJ, Myers JN, Issa JP, Lippman SM, Mao L, Saintigny P. New DNA Methylation Markers and Global DNA Hypomethylation Are Associated with Oral Cancer Development. Cancer prevention research (Philadelphia, Pa). 2015 Nov;8(11):1027-35.   PMCID: 4777304
van Esterik JC, Vitins AP, Hodemaekers HM, Kamstra JH, Legler J, Pennings JL, Steegenga WT, Lute C, Jelinek J, Issa JP, Dolle ME, van der Ven LT. Liver DNA methylation analysis in adult female C57BL/6JxFVB mice following perinatal exposure to bisphenol A. Toxicology letters. 2015 Jan 05;232(1):293-300.
Yamazaki J, Taby R, Jelinek J, Raynal NJ, Cesaroni M, Pierce SA, Kornblau SM, Bueso-Ramos CE, Ravandi F, Kantarjian HM, Issa JP. Hypomethylation of TET2 Target Genes Identifies a Curable Subset of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2015 Nov 13;108(2).   PMCID: 4862435
Wu HC, Wang Q, Chung WK, Andrulis IL, Daly MB, John EM, Keegan TH, Knight J, Bradbury AR, Kappil MA, Gurvich I, Santella RM, Terry MB. Correlation of DNA methylation levels in blood and saliva DNA in young girls of the LEGACY Girls study. Epigenetics. 2014 Jul;9(7):929-33.   PMCID: PMC4143407
Potapova A, Hoffman AM, Godwin AK, Al-Saleem T, Cairns P. Promoter hypermethylation of the PALB2 susceptibility gene in inherited and sporadic breast and ovarian cancer. Cancer Res. 2008 Feb 15;68(4):998-1002.
Turner DP, Cortellino S, Schupp JE, Caretti E, Loh T, Kinsella TJ, Bellacosa A. The DNA N-glycosylase MED1 exhibits preference for halogenated pyrimidines and is involved in the cytotoxicity of 5-iododeoxyuridine. Cancer Res. 2006 Aug;66(15):7686-93.
Krassenstein R, Sauter E, Dulaimi E, Battagli C, Ehya H, Klein-Szanto A, Cairns P. Detection of breast cancer in nipple aspirate fluid by CpG island hypermethylation. Clinical Cancer Research. 2004 Jan;10(1, Pt. 1):28-32.
Esteller M, Fraga MF, Guo M, Garcia-Foncillas J, Hedenfalk I, Godwin AK, Trojan J, Vaurs-Barriere C, Bignon YJ, Ramus S, Benitez J, Caldes T, Akiyama Y, Yuasa Y, Launonen V, Canal MJ, Rodriguez R, Capella G, Peinado MA, Borg A, Aaltonen LA, Ponder BA, Baylin SB, Herman JG. DNA methylation patterns in hereditary human cancers mimic sporadic tumorigenesis. Human molecular genetics. 2001 Dec 15;10(26):3001-7.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term CpG Islands

CpG Islands DNA Methylation Female genetics metabolism Male Adult Middle Aged DNA Sequence Analysis Breast Neoplasms Cell Line Aged Tumor Suppressor Proteins Phenotype Neoplasm DNA blood Child Proto-Oncogene Proteins Promoter Regions (Genetics) drug effects pathology Genetic Promoter Regions Genetic Predisposition to Disease Human methods Tumor Cell Line Inbred C57BL Mice Disease-Free Survival DNA methylation Mixed Function Oxygenases pa [Pathology] DNA-Binding Proteins Restriction endonuclease Liver Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Prospective Studies Birth Weight Vimentin Pregnancy Gene Silencing Energy Metabolism white blood cells MCF-7 Cells Protein Isoforms Human Genome SmaI Myeloid Leukemia-Acute Feasibility Studies Isoenzymes Developmental programming DNA genomic methylation physiopathology Colonic Neoplasms Embryonic Stem Cells Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation Neoplasms Molecular Sequence Data Organoplatinum Compounds Comparative Study HEK293 Cells XmaI ge [Genetics] Bisulfite pyrosequencing adverse effects Glutathione Transferase p14ARF Protein pyrosequencing Needle Biopsy Prognosis Adolescent Pyrimidines Colorectal Neoplasms Case-Control Studies Neoplasm Drug Resistance Predictive Value of Tests Phenols Kaplan-Meier Estimate High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing Ovarian Neoplasms ch [Chemistry] Odds Ratio buccal cells Protein p16 Saliva Idoxuridine Fertilization in Vitro DNA vimentin Mouth Neoplasms Fetal Blood Tumor Suppressor Genes Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols Genetic Markers Hereditary Neoplastic Syndromes Cimp Polymerase Chain Reaction Sulfites Next-generation sequencing Line-1 HeLa Cells di [Diagnosis] Mutation Nuclear Proteins an [Analysis] Nipples Ca (2+)-Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase saliva Environmental Exposure Squamous Cell Carcinoma Gestational Age Endodeoxyribonucleases Neoplasm Proteins Body Fluids Age Factors Risk Factors Western Blotting Computational Biology Angiotensin Receptor-Type 1 K562 Cells Restriction Mapping Benzhydryl Compounds Environmental Pollutants pharmacology Epithelial Cells Disease Progression toxicity secretion azacitidine mortality Binding Sites cy [Cytology] Capecitabine Bisphenol A Proportional Hazards Models Base Pair Mismatch Nucleic Acid Repetitive Sequences Genomic Library Biological Tumor Markers Genetic Epigenesis Genetic Databases drug therapy Sex Factors Retinoic Acid Receptors Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects therapeutic use Azacitidine administration & dosage Mice Mammalian Embryo DNA Restriction Enzymes
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