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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Circular Dichroism. Found 11 abstracts

Burns KE, Robinson MK, Thevenin D. Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation and breast tumor targeting of pHLIP-monomethyl auristatin E conjugates. Molecular pharmaceutics. 2015 Apr 06;12(4):1250-8.   PMCID: PMC4476257
Alves C, Cheng H, Roder H, Taylor J. Intrinsic disorder and oligomerization of the hepatitis delta virus antigen. Virology. 2010 Nov 25;407(2):333-40.   PMCID: PMC2952689
Latypov RF, Maki K, Cheng H, Luck SD, Roder H. Folding mechanism of reduced Cytochrome c: equilibrium and kinetic properties in the presence of carbon monoxide. J Mol Biol. 2008 Nov 07;383(2):437-53.   PMCID: PMC2653224
Bender GM, Lehmann A, Zou H, Cheng H, Fry HC, Engel D, Therien MJ, Blasie JK, Roder H, Saven JG, DeGrado WF. De novo design of a single-chain diphenylporphyrin metalloprotein. J Am Chem Soc. 2007 Sep 05;129(35):10732-40.
Maki K, Cheng H, Dolgikh DA, Roder H. Folding kinetics of staphylococcal nuclease studied by tryptophan engineering and rapid mixing methods. J Mol Biol. 2007 Apr 20;368(1):244-55.
Roder H, Maki K, Cheng H. Early events in protein folding explored by rapid mixing methods. Chemical reviews. 2006 May;106(5):1836-61.
Lu ZJ, Markham GD. Enzymatic properties of S-adenosylmethionine synthetase from the archaeon Methanococcus jannaschii. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2002 May 10;277(19):16624-31.
Taylor JC, Markham GD. The bifunctional active site of S-adenosylmethionine synthetase. Roles of the basic residues. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2000 Feb 11;275(6):4060-5.
Roder H, Shastry MR. Methods for exploring early events in protein folding. Current opinion in structural biology. 1999 Oct;9(5):620-6.
Taylor JC, Markham GD. The bifunctional active site of s-adenosylmethionine synthetase. Roles of the active site aspartates. The Journal of biological chemistry. 1999 Nov 12;274(46):32909-14.
Pinheiro TJ, Elove GA, Watts A, Roder H. Structural and kinetic description of cytochrome c unfolding induced by the interaction with lipid vesicles. Biochemistry. 1997 Oct 21;36(42):13122-32.
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chemistry Circular Dichroism Kinetics metabolism Molecular Models Binding Sites US Gov't Support-PHS Thermodynamics Non-US Gov't Support Protein Folding genetics Protein Conformation Chemical Models Methionine Adenosyltransferase Escherichia coli methods Gel Chromatography Recombinant Proteins Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance enzymology Polyphosphates Methionine Secondary Protein Structure Horses Tryptophan Amino Acid Sequence Protein Denaturation Adenosine Triphosphate Site-Directed Mutagenesis Tertiary Protein Structure Molecular Sequence Data Proteins Pharmaceutical Chemistry Oligopeptides Adenosine Protein Engineering drug effects Viral DNA Cytochrome c in vivo imaging Ultracentrifugation Animal Raman Spectrum Analysis Ion Exchange Chromatography Female Software Cytochromes c Ligands Viral RNA Carbon Monoxide Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry Fluorescence Spectrometry Liposomes Neoplasm Transplantation chemical synthesis peptide Peptides Hepatitis delta Antigens HeLa Cells Fluorescence Competitive Binding Mutation Micrococcal Nuclease Protein Binding Enzyme Stability Membrane Proteins Metalloproteins Phosphatidylserines Fluorescent Dyes Aspartic Acid pharmacology Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms Energy Transfer Fluorescence Microscopy Methanococcus Heme Drug Delivery Systems Aminobenzoates Hepatitis Delta Virus Solvents Cell Membrane Protein Multimerization Porphyrins drug therapy tumor acidity Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Potassium Hydrolysis targeted drug delivery Mice Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy Cell Proliferation Phosphatidylcholines cytotoxicity Substrate Specificity Photochemistry Mass Spectrometry-Secondary Ion Tumor Cell Line Hydrogen-Ion Concentration Spectrophotometry Temperature Quaternary Protein Structure S-Adenosylmethionine
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