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Capo-chichi CD, Aguida B, Chabi NW, Cai QK, Offrin G, Agossou VK, Sanni A, Xu XX. Lamin A/C deficiency is an independent risk factor for cervical cancer. Cellular oncology (Dordrecht). 2016 Feb;39(1):59-68.
Cao X, Lin Y, Driscoll TP, Franco-Barraza J, Cukierman E, Mauck RL, Shenoy VB. A Chemomechanical Model of Matrix and Nuclear Rigidity Regulation of Focal Adhesion Size. Biophysical journal. 2015 Nov 03;109(9):1807-17.   PMCID: PMC4643201
Valenti F, Ibetti J, Komiya Y, Baxter M, Lucchese AM, Derstine L, Covaciu C, Rizzo V, Vento R, Russo G, Macaluso M, Cotelli F, Castiglia D, Gottardi CJ, Habas R, Giordano A, Bellipanni G. The increase in maternal expression of axin1 and axin2 contribute to the zebrafish mutant ichabod ventralized phenotype. Journal of cellular biochemistry. 2015 Mar;116(3):418-30.
Li C, Andrake M, Dunbrack R, Enders GH. A bifunctional regulatory element in human somatic Wee1 mediates cyclin A/Cdk2 binding and Crm1-dependent nuclear export. Mol Cell Biol. 2010 Jan;30(1):116-30.   PMCID: PMC2798281
Taylor JM. Chapter 3. Replication of the hepatitis delta virus RNA genome. Adv Virus Res. 2009 Jan;74:103-21.
Adams PD. Remodeling of chromatin structure in senescent cells and its potential impact on tumor suppression and aging. Gene. 2007 Aug;397(1-2):84-93.
Chen JQ, Russo PA, Cooke C, Russo IH, Russo J. ERbeta shifts from mitochondria to nucleus during estrogen-induced neoplastic transformation of human breast epithelial cells and is involved in estrogen-induced synthesis of mitochondrial respiratory chain proteins. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 2007 Dec;1773(12):1732-46.
Hashiguchi K, Matsumoto Y, Yasui A. Recruitment of DNA repair synthesis machinery to sites of DNA damage/repair in living human cells. Nucleic acids research. 2007 Apr 16;35(9):2913-23.
Isken O, Baroth M, Grassmann CW, Weinlich S, Ostareck DH, Ostareck-Lederer A, Behrens SE. Nuclear factors are involved in hepatitis C virus RNA replication. RNA. 2007 Oct;13(10):1675-92.
Toczylowski T, Yan H. Mechanistic analysis of a DNA end processing pathway mediated by the xenopus werner syndrome protein. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2006 Nov 03;281(44):33198-205.
Zaret K. Micrococcal nuclease analysis of chromatin structure. Curr Protoc Mol Biol. 2005 Feb;Chapter 21:Unit 21 1.
Katz RA, Greger JG, Darby K, Boimel P, Rall GF, Skalka AM. Transduction of interphase cells by avian sarcoma virus. J Virol. 2002 Jun;76(11):5422-34.
Chaya D, Hayamizu T, Bustin M, Zaret KS. Transcription factor FoxA (HNF3) on a nucleosome at an enhancer complex in liver chromatin. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2001 Nov 30;276(48):44385-9.
Chen CY, Graham J, Yan H. Evidence for a replication function of FFA-1, the Xenopus orthologue of Werner syndrome protein. The Journal of cell biology. 2001 Mar 05;152(5):985-96.
Grobelny JV, Kulp-McEliece M, Broccoli D. Effects of reconstitution of telomerase activity on telomere maintenance by the alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) pathway. Human molecular genetics. 2001 Sep;10(18):1953-61.
Hall C, Nelson DM, Ye X, Baker K, DeCaprio JA, Seeholzer S, Lipinski M, Adams PD. HIRA, the human homologue of yeast Hir1p and Hir2p, is a novel cyclin-cdk2 substrate whose expression blocks S-phase progression. Mol Cell Biol. 2001 Mar;21(5):1854-65.
Hoffman DB, Pearson CG, Yen TJ, Howell BJ, Salmon ED. Microtubule-dependent changes in assembly of microtubule motor proteins and mitotic spindle checkpoint proteins at PtK1 kinetochores. Mol Biol Cell. 2001 Jul;12(7):1995-2009.
Koumenis C, Alarcon R, Hammond E, Sutphin P, Hoffman W, Murphy M, Derr J, Taya Y, Lowe SW, Kastan M, Giaccia A. Regulation of p53 by hypoxia: dissociation of transcriptional repression and apoptosis from p53-dependent transactivation. Mol Cell Biol. 2001 Feb;21(4):1297-310.
Lin Y, Ince TA, Scotto KW. Optimization of a versatile in vitro transcription assay for the expression of multiple start site TATA-less promoters. Biochemistry. 2001 Oct 30;40(43):12959-66.
Marmorstein LY, Kinev AV, Chan GK, Bochar DA, Beniya H, Epstein JA, Yen TJ, Shiekhattar R. A human BRCA2 complex containing a structural DNA binding component influences cell cycle progression. Cell. 2001 Jan 26;104(2):247-57.
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Cell Nucleus metabolism genetics chemistry US Gov't Support-PHS Non-US Gov't Support Cell Line Female Human Molecular Sequence Data physiology Animal Protein Binding pharmacology Mice Transcription Factors Hela Cells DNA-Binding Proteins Mitosis Precipitin Tests DNA Amino Acid Sequence Nuclear Proteins drug effects Signal Transduction Base Sequence analysis Transfection Chromatin Phosphorylation G2 Phase Protein Transport virology biosynthesis pathology DNA Helicases Nocodazole Mutation Cell Nucleus Active Transport Binding Sites S Phase Cyclin A Neoplastic Cell Transformation Southern Blotting Immunohistochemistry Xenopus laevis Messenger RNA Cell Cycle Proteins Plasmids Virus Replication p53 Genes Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Technique Viral RNA Male Western Blotting Biological Models Polymerase Chain Reaction Tertiary Protein Structure Histones Dominant Genes Cyclin E Recombinant Fusion Proteins Genetic Transcription Nucleosomes DNA Damage Neoplasm Proteins Saccharomyces cerevisiae Up-Regulation Proto-Oncogene Proteins Cytoplasm Electron Transport Complex IV In Vitro Spermatozoa Hepatitis delta Antigens Protein-Tyrosine Kinases Flow Cytometry Colposcopy Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 Clone Cells Research Design Subcellular Fractions Uterine Cervical Neoplasms Enzyme Activation Nitriles Genetic Recombination C deficiency Metaphase Non-Histone Chromosomal Proteins Adult Protein p53 Mitotic Spindle Apparatus Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Polymerization Extracellular Matrix Oncogenic HPV Mitochondrial Proteins Middle Aged Viral Genome Cyclin-Dependent Kinases Hepatitis Delta Virus Breast Neoplasms Amino Acid Motifs DNA Repair Blastula Threonine Conserved Sequence Catalytic Domain Axin2-RGS DOMAIN Untranslated RNA embryology Cyclins Aging Cell Aging purification Trans-Activation (Genetics) Cell Extracts Developmental Gene Expression Regulation Fluorescence Microscopy Incidence Propionates beta Catenin Genetic Vectors deficiency Genetic Techniques Young Adult Antibody Specificity Werner Syndrome Follow-Up Studies RNA Polymerase II Paclitaxel Retinoblastoma Genes Lamin Type A Liver Molecular Chaperones Lasers Gene Silencing Karyopherins Lamin A Oocytes Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Viral DNA Cultured Cells Cell Hypoxia Microinjections Adenosinetriphosphatase Microtubules Focal Adhesions Hepatitis B virus Cell Separation isolation &
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