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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Cancer Care Facilities. Found 11 abstracts

Shaikh T, Wang LS, Egleston B, Burki M, Hoffman JP, Cohen SJ, Meyer JE. Predictors of Hematologic Toxicity and Chemotherapy Dose Intensity in Patients Undergoing Chemoradiation for Pancreatic Cancer. Am J Clin Oncol. 2018 Jan;41(1):59-64.   PMCID: PMC4769977
Murphy CT, Galloway TJ, Handorf EA, Wang L, Mehra R, Flieder DB, Ridge JA. Increasing time to treatment initiation for head and neck cancer: an analysis of the National Cancer Database. Cancer. 2015 Apr 15;121(8):1204-13.
Masny A, Ropka ME, Peterson C, Fetzer D, Daly MB. Mentoring nurses in familial cancer risk assessment and counseling: lessons learned from a formative evaluation. J Genet Couns. 2008 Apr;17(2):196-207.
Burnett CB, Koczwara B, Pixley L, Blumenson LE, Hwang YT, Meropol NJ. Nurses' attitudes toward clinical trials at a comprehensive cancer center. Oncology Nursing Forum. 2001 Jan;28(7):1187-92.
Higman SA, McKay FJ, Engstrom PF, O'Grady MA, Young RC. Fox Chase Network: Fox Chase Cancer Center's community hospital affiliation program. The oncologist. 2000 Jan;5(4):329-35.
Horwitz EM, Hanlon AL, Pinover WH, Hanks GE. The cost effectiveness of 3D conformal radiation therapy compared with conventional techniques for patients with clinically localized prostate cancer. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 1999 Dec;45(5):1219-25.
Ciukurescu B. Practice corner. Practice tips from Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA... Delivering continuous sedation in the intensive care setting. Oncology Nursing Forum. 1998 Jan;25(6):988.
Jakubek PR, Barsevick AM. Practice corner. Practice tips from Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA... Use of a daily journal for fatigue management. Oncology Nursing Forum. 1998 Jan;25(6):987-9.
Kearns M, McCann-Jones E, Pellegrino A. Practice corner. Practice tips from Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA... Pain resource nurses make education painless. Oncology Nursing Forum. 1998 Jan;25(6):990.
McLaughlin S. Practice corner. Practice tips from Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA... Changing homecare practice to support patients who are terminally ill. Oncology Nursing Forum. 1998 Jan;25(6):990.
McLaughlin-Hagan M, Baird SB. Predicting future trends in oncology nursing. Nursing. 1993 May;23(5):55-6.
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Cancer Care Facilities Pennsylvania Aged pathology Philadelphia Male Adult 80 and over Aged Clinical Trials Follow-Up Studies Chemoradiotherapy Middle Age therapy Middle Aged statistics & numerical data Risk Assessment Retrospective Studies Female Cancer Patients organization & administration Human Multivariate Analysis Oncologic Nursing administration & dosage Propofol Mentors Factual Databases Hospice Care Curriculum Program Evaluation Health Care Costs Inpatients Pancreatic Neoplasms Incidence Nursing Education-Continuing Prostatic Neoplasms Nursing Specialties Medical Genetics Drug Administration Schedule Hospital Programs Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy etiology Sedation genetics Delivery of Health Care analogs & derivatives Medicare Treatment Outcome Home Health Care ad [Administration and Dosage] nu [Nursing] Analysis of Variance Regression Analysis Inservice Training Educational Models methods Community Networks physiopathology treatment time Neoplasms Outpatients Head and Neck Neoplasms Comparative Study Convenience Sample adverse effects Cohort Studies facility type Prognosis Case-Control Studies Self Care Data Analysis Software Patient Advocacy Predictive Value of Tests Genetic Counseling Kaplan-Meier Estimate United States Chi Square Test Cost-Benefit Analysis Hospital Charges td [Trends] ev [Evaluation] radiotherapy Critical Care Nursing education National Cancer Database Radiation Injuries economics New York Hematologic Diseases T-Tests Drug Dose-Response Relationship Squamous Cell Carcinoma One more nursing Descriptive Research Fatigue Diaries Age Factors Survival Analysis Cancer Pain blood Community Hospitals Genetic Screening Questionnaires Conformal Radiotherapy Oncologic Care Neoplasm Invasiveness head and neck cancer Critically Ill Patients Nurse Attitudes Disease-Free Survival Bivariate Statistics Time-to-Treatment Health Personnel Prostate-Specific Antigen Funding Source Multiple Regression trends Neoplasm Staging Deoxycytidine Survival Rate Confidence Intervals mortality Nonparametric Statistics
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