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Juth V, Smyth JM, Carey MP, Lepore SJ. Social Constraints are Associated with Negative Psychological and Physical Adjustment in Bereavement. Appl Psychol Health Well Being. 2015 Jul;7(2):129-48.
Thomson MD, Siminoff LA. Perspectives on mammography after receipt of secondary screening owing to a false positive. Women's health issues : official publication of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health. 2015 Mar;25(2):128-33.   PMCID: PMC4355242
Cobran EK, Wutoh AK, Lee E, Odedina FT, Ragin C, Aiken W, Godley PA. Perceptions of prostate cancer fatalism and screening behavior between United States-born and Caribbean-born Black males. Journal of immigrant and minority health. 2014 Jun;16(3):394-400.   PMCID: PMC3825837
Lango MN, Egleston B, Fang C, Burtness B, Galloway T, Liu J, Mehra R, Ebersole B, Moran K, Ridge JA. Baseline health perceptions, dysphagia, and survival in patients with head and neck cancer. Cancer. 2014 Mar 15;120(6):840-7.   PMCID: Pmc3951722
Manne SL, Coups EJ, Markowitz A, Meropol NJ, Haller D, Jacobsen PB, Jandorf L, Peterson SK, Lesko S, Pilipshen S, Winkel G. A randomized trial of generic versus tailored interventions to increase colorectal cancer screening among intermediate risk siblings. Ann Behav Med. 2009 Apr;37(2):207-17.   PMCID: PMC2707254
Ruthig JC, Chipperfield JG, Bailis DS, Perry RP. Perceived control and risk characteristics as predictors of older adults' health risk estimates. J Soc Psychol. 2008 Dec;148(6):667-88.
Kenen RH, Shapiro PJ, Friedman S, Coyne JC. Peer-support in coping with medical uncertainty: discussion of oophorectomy and hormone replacement therapy on a web-based message board. Psycho-Oncology. 2007 Aug;16(8):763-71.
Ma GX, Fang CY, Shive SE, Toubbeh J, Tan Y, Siu P. Risk perceptions and barriers to Hepatitis B screening and vaccination among Vietnamese immigrants. Journal of immigrant and minority health. 2007 Jul;9(3):213-20.
Andrykowski MA, Manne SL. Are psychological interventions effective and accepted by cancer patients? I. Standards and levels of evidence. Ann Behav Med. 2006 Oct;32(2):93-7.
Hay J, Coups E, Ford J. Predictors of perceived risk for colon cancer in a national probability sample in the United States. Journal of health communication. 2006 Jan;11 Suppl 1:71-92.
Ma GX, Fang CY, Knauer CA, Tan Y, Shive SE. Tobacco dependence, risk perceptions and self-efficacy among Korean American smokers. Addictive behaviors. 2006 Oct;31(10):1776-84.
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Nordin K, Bjork J, Berglund G. Factors influencing intention to obtain a genetic test for a hereditary disease in an affected group and in the general public. Prev Med. 2004 Dec;39(6):1107-14.
Schnoll RA, Bradley P, Miller SM, Unger M, Babb J, Cornfeld M. Psychological issues related to the use of spiral CT for lung cancer early detection. Lung Cancer. 2003 Mar;39(3):315-25.
Schnoll RA, Bradley P, Miller SM, Unger M, Babb J, Cornfeld M. Psychological issues related to the use of spiral CT for lung cancer early detection. Lung Cancer. 2003 Mar;39(3):315-25.
Barsevick AM, Sweeney C, Haney E, Chung E. A systematic qualitative analysis of psychoeducational interventions for depression in patients with cancer. Oncol Nurs Forum. 2002 Jan;29(1):73-84; quiz 85-7.
Diefenbach MA, Dorsey J, Uzzo RG, Hanks GE, Greenberg RE, Horwitz E, Newton F, Engstrom PF. Decision-making strategies for patients with localized prostate cancer. Semin Urol Oncol. 2002 Feb;20(1):55-62.
Schnoll R, Miller S, Unger M, McAleer C, Halbherr T, Bradley P. Characteristics of female smokers attending a lung cancer screening program: a pilot study with implications for program development. Lung Cancer. 2002 Sep;37(3):257-65.
Mandelblatt JS, Bierman AS, Gold K, Zhang Y, Ng JH, Maserejan N, Hwang YT, Meropol NJ, Hadley J, Silliman RA. Constructs of burden of illness in older patients with breast cancer: a comparison of measurement methods. Health Serv Res. 2001 Dec;36(6 Pt 1):1085-107.
Manne S, Schnoll R. Measuring supportive and unsupportive responses during cancer treatment: a factor analytic assessment of the partner responses to cancer inventory. J Behav Med. 2001 Aug;24(4):297-321.
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Attitude to Health psychology Female Adult Male Aged Middle Aged Health Behavior Mass Screening Human Risk Factors prevention & control Risk Assessment Cross-Sectional Studies methods therapy diagnosis US Gov't Support-PHS Self Efficacy Social Support Questionnaires etiology Smoking Cessation Age Factors Treatment Outcome Psychological Adaptation Middle Age statistics & numerical data Patient Compliance Neoplasms 80 and over Aged ethnology radiography Breast Neoplasms Health Surveys Lung Neoplasms utilization Non-US Gov't Support Perception Smoking Asian Americans Comparative Study Early Detection of Cancer Risk Cohort Studies blood Evidence-Based Medicine complications Anxiety Spiral Computed Tomography genetics adverse effects Statistical Factor Analysis Prostatic Neoplasms US Gov't Support-Non-PHS Patient Education Knowledge Prostate-Specific Antigen Women's Health United States epidemiology Health Status Life Expectancy Local Neoplasm Recurrence Cost of Illness adjustment Information Services mortality Weight Loss Attitudes Health Knowledge-Practice Data Collection Hormone Replacement Therapy social constraints bereavement Counseling Pain Bereavement Hip Fractures Follow-Up Studies Social Isolation Prospective Studies Patient Education as Topic Physician-Patient Relations Motivation Immunization Programs Vietnam Colonic Neoplasms intrusions Age Distribution Ovariectomy Helping Behavior Practice Guidelines Pedigree Nutritional Status Deglutition Disorders Retrospective Studies baseline weight loss Culture Survival New Jersey African Americans Hepatitis B Vaccines manuals Health promotion Handbooks-etc Behavior Therapy Social Adjustment Pain Perception Mammography Emigration and Immigration Probability Depression Hepatitis B New York Quality of Life Major Depressive Disorder Qualitative Research Oncologic Nursing Self Report Personal Satisfaction Health Care Surveys Massachusetts Preventive Medicine methods health perceptions Caribbean Region standards Internal-External Control Disabled Persons Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care) Cognitive Therapy District of Columbia Comorbidity Depressive Disorder Manitoba False Positive Reactions administration & dosage Family Factual Databases Poverty Logistic Models control Texas social-cognitive processing Decision Making Social Perception Severity of Illness Index Cross-Cultural Comparison death Regression Analysis Activities of Daily Living Chi-Square Distribution Head and Neck Neoplasms
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