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Nemer M, Bai G, Stuebing EW
Highly Identical Cassettes of Gene Regulatory Elements, Genomically Repetitive and Present in Rna
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (1993) 90:10851-10855.
A region in the first intron of a metallothionein-encoding gene of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (SpMTA gene) regulates its 5' promoter activity. Within this region is a 290-bp cassette of six sequence motifs that are present in other genes in this species and posited to operate as regulatory elements. The cassette, present at high multiplicity in the genome, was used to screen genomic DNA clones. Of these, six diverse individuals were partially sequenced and found to have segments 94% identical to the 290-bp cassette in the SpMTA gene. Their next 80 bp diverged from the SpMTA sequence but were highly identical among the six non-SpMTA clones and contained an additional regulatory motif. These diverse clones thus contained 370-bp cassettes of an overall 94% sequence identity and an apparent content of seven regulatory elements. The regulatory cassettes were transposon-like, insofar as the termini of the highly identical regions consisted of 24- to 25- bp inverted repeats, bracketed by 6- to 9-bp direct repeats in the divergent regions. In addition to being in transcripts of the SpMTA intron, the cassette was found in other sea urchin embryo poly(A)+ RNAs, in eggs and embryos, and enriched in pluteus ectoderm. The cassette sequence was present in moderate abundance in transcripts in both sense and antisense orientation. We report the presence of a transposon-like cassette of regulatory elements that is also represented in RNA, which potentially could function differently from previously described transposons.
Publication Date: 1993-11-15.
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