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Murphy ME, Leu JI, George DL
p53 moves to mitochondria - A turn on the path to apoptosis
Cell Cycle (2004) 3:836-839.
It has been said that no matter which direction cancer research turns, the p53 tumor suppressor protein comes into view. The widespread role of p53 as a suppressor of tumor development is believed to rely on its ability to induce programmed cell death in response to stress, either the replicative stress associated with uncontrolled cellular proliferation, or the environmental stresses that accompany tumor development, such as hypoxia. For some time it has been believed that the role of p53 in inducing apoptosis in response to such stress was as a master regulator coordinating the expression of other molecules whose ultimate role was the execution of the cell. New data, however, suggest that p53 itself also has a direct role in accomplishing cell death, at the mitochondria.
Publication Date: 2004-07-01.
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