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Ma GX, Fleisher L
Awareness of cancer information among Asian Americans
J Community Health (2003) 28:115-30.
The present study aimed to find the awareness level of cancer information among Asian Americans in the Delaware Valley region (Pennsylvania and South Jersey). A cross-sectional self-report survey was conducted with a sample of 1374 Asian Americans including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Cambodians. The sample was collected by using a stratified-cluster proportional sampling technique. This paper assessed self-reported smoking behaviors, knowledge of smoking cessation methods, availability of health professional's advice in quitting smoking in the past 12 months, awareness of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service, knowledge of, and interest in participation in cancer clinical trials for identified Asian smokers. Overall, the level of awareness of cancer information services among the four subgroups was low. Among current and former smokers, only 31% had been advised by a health care professional to quit smoking. Forty-three percent used at least one smoking cessation method to quit in the past. The results also reveal an increased awareness level among those who had health insurance, higher education and were less likely to speak their native language. Significant differences on cancer awareness existed among the four ethnic groups as well. This study suggests urgent needs to educate Asian Americans about important cancer control issues and services and highlights the differences in baseline knowledge and attitudes among the various ethnic groups.
Publication Date: 2003-04-01.
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