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Kappes DJ, He X
CD4-CD8 lineage commitment: an inside view
Nat Immunol (2005) 6:761-6.
The mechanism of CD4-CD8 lineage commitment, which ensures the correlation between T cell receptor specificity and adoption of the T killer or T helper phenotype, has long been the subject of intense debate. Various approaches are slowly elucidating the underlying molecular pathways. Analysis of the function of T cell receptor signaling (the 'top-down' approach) supports the view that differences in signal strength and/or duration 'instruct' alternative commitment. Analysis of the transcriptional regulation of the genes encoding CD4 and CD8 (the 'bottom-up' approach) has identified critical cis-acting elements and their interacting factors. Finally, identification of the transcription factor Th-POK as a central component of the CD4 lineage-determining pathway has provided a new starting point from which to unravel this intriguing process 'from the inside out'.
Publication Date: 2005-08-01.
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