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Hanks GE
Progress in 3D conformal radiation treatment of prostate cancer
Acta Oncologica (1999) 38:69-74.
The development of 3D conformal radiation is reviewed and the proof given of three key hypotheses that result in improved patient results. The Fos Chase outcomes from 3D CRT show 7- and 8-year biochemical freedom of disease rates of 72% for all patients. 84% for PSA < 10 ng/ml. 73% for PSA 10-19.9 ng;ml and 37% for PSA > 20 ng-ml. Dose responses by pretreatment PSA level grouping show steep slopes for patients with PSA > 10 ng:ml. Dose response is also demonstrated for 'favorable' and 'unfavorable prognostic subgroupings of the classic three pretreatment PSA groups. A matched pair analysis of high-dose 3D CRT versus low-dose 3D CRT shows on multivariate analysis a significant advantage in freedom from distant metastasis. A similar matched comparison of high-dose 3D CRT with low-dose 3D CRT patients and low-dose conventional technique patients shows a significant advantage in distant metastasis. cause-specific survival and overall survival for the high-dose group. Future studies including those using biochemical endpoints to direct differential dose distributions are discussed.
Publication Date: 1999-01-01.
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