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DuHamel KN, Smith MY, Vickberg SM, Papadopoulos E, Ostroff J, Winkel G, Manne S, Redd WH
Trauma symptoms in bone marrow transplant survivors: The role of nonmedical life events
Journal of Traumatic Stress (2001) 14:95-113.
This cross-sectional study investigated the association of trauma-related symptomatology and recent life events in cancer survivors following bone marrow transplantation (BMT). One hundred adults averaging 4.4 years post-BMT were interviewed. Participants reported their trauma-related symptomatology regarding cancer and its treatment as well as the number and valence of recent life events. Results indicated that the more negative life events a person experienced, the greater his/her trauma-related symptomatology. The association of trauma- related symptomatology with positive events varied by the individuals' level of physical functioning. For individuals with poorer physical functioning, higher levels of trauma- related symptomatology were associated with a greater number of positive events, suggesting the greater vulnerability of these individuals to any type of change in their life.
Publication Date: 2001-01-01.
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