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Dittrich F, Hayakawa K, Nimtz M, Ebel F, Muhlradt PF
Identification of the Mouse Helper T-Lymphocyte Differentiation Antigen 3g11 as Tbe Ganglioside Iv3(Neuac)(2)-Ggose(4)Cer
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (1994) 200:1557-1563.
The 3G11 antigen, originally defined by the monoclonal antibody SM3G11, is expressed to different extents by distinct murine CD4(+) T helper cell subsets. This antigen was isolated from a 3G11(+) murine thymoma by lipid extraction. Upon further purification 3G11 antigen was enriched in the disialoganglioside fraction and was finally purified by HPLC. Compositional and methylation analysis, liquid secondary ion mass spectroscopy (LSI-MS) and comparison with an authentic sample resulted in identification of the 3G11 antigen as the disialoganglioside IV3(NeuAc)(2)-GgOse(4)Cer. (C) 1994 Academic Press, Inc.
Publication Date: 1994-05-16.
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