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Desiraju GR, Pedireddi VR, Sarma J, Zacharias DE
Determination of the Crystal-Structure of 4-Iodo-Beta- Nitrostyrene with the Aid of Packing Considerations - a Study of Halogen ... Nitro Interactions
Acta Chimica Hungarica-Models in Chemistry (1993) 130:451-465.
4-Iodo-beta-nitrostyrene forms crystals which are not satisfactory for the collection of X-ray diffraction data. However, it was possible to obtain an approximate unit cell and to record the X-ray powder spectrum. This information coupled with a knowledge of the related crystal structures of the 4- chloro and 4-bromo analogues is sufficient for the determination of the crystal structure of the title compound using packing considerations. The structure is characterized by C-H...O and I...O2N interactions. Halogen...O2N interactions have been studied with the Cambridge Structural Database.
Publication Date: 1993-05-01.
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