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Alpaugh RK, Weiner LM, Persson R, Persson B. Overview of clinical trials employing antibody-targeted superantigens. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 1998 Apr 06;31(1-2):143-52.
Carrell HL, Whalen DL, Glusker JP. Hydrogen bonding in cis-2,3-epoxycyclooctanol. Structural Chemistry. 1997 Apr;8(2):149-54.
Fu ZJ, Hu YB, Markham GD, Takusagawa F. Flexible loop in the structure of S-adenosylmethionine synthetase crystallized in the tetragonal modification. Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics. 1996 Apr;13(5):727-39.
Shan H, Shlomchik MJ, Marshakrothstein A, Pisetsky DS, Litwin S, Weigert MG. The Mechanism of Autoantibody Production in an Autoimmune Mrl/Lpr Mouse. Journal of Immunology. 1994 Dec;153(11):5104-20.
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