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Publication Listing for 2020 (273 publications)

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Dawson NA, Zibelman M, Lindsay T, Feldman RA, Saul M, Gatalica Z, Korn WM, Heath EI. An emerging landscape for canonical and actionable molecular alterations in primary and metastatic prostate cancer. Mol Cancer Ther. 2020 Mar 27;.
Kutikov A, Weinberg DS, Edelman MJ, Horwitz EM, Uzzo RG, Fisher RI. A War on Two Fronts: Cancer Care in the Time of COVID-19. Annals of internal medicine. 2020 Mar 27;.   PMCID: PMC7133056
Lee M, Bhimla A, Ma GX. Depressive Symptom Severity and Immigration-Related Characteristics in Asian American Immigrants. Journal of immigrant and minority health. 2020 Mar 27;.
Strathearn LS, Stepanov AI, Font-Burgada J. Inflammation in Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumorigenesis-Under the Influence of Alcohol and High-Fat Diets. Nutrients. 2020 Mar 27;12(4).   PMCID: PMC7230665
Zhao S, Song T, Gu Y, Zhang Y, Cao S, Miao Q, Zhang X, Chen H, Gao Y, Zhang L, Han Y, Wang H, Pu J, Xie L, Ji Y. Hydrogen sulfide alleviates liver injury via S-sulfhydrated-Keap1/Nrf2/LRP1 pathway. Hepatology (Baltimore, Md). 2020 Mar 27;.
Khowsathit J, Bazzoli A, Cheng H, Karanicolas J. Computational Design of an Allosteric Antibody Switch by Deletion and Rescue of a Complex Structural Constellation. ACS Cent Sci. 2020 Mar 25;6(3):390-403.   PMCID: PMC7099597 submitted a provisional patent describing the Rip-3/Stitch-3 system.
Krais JJ, Wang Y, Bernhardy AJ, Clausen E, Miller JA, Cai KQ, Scott CL, Johnson N. RNF168-mediated ubiquitin signaling inhibits the viability of BRCA1 null cancers. Cancer Res. 2020 Mar 25;.
Mookerjee-Basu J, Hooper R, Gross S, Schultz B, Go CK, Samakai E, Ladner J, Nicolas E, Tian Y, Zhou B, Zaidi MR, Tourtellotte W, He S, Zhang Y, Kappes DJ, Soboloff J. Suppression of Ca(2+) signals by EGR4 controls Th1 differentiation and anti-cancer immunity in vivo. EMBO reports. 2020 Mar 25;21(5):e48904.   PMCID: PMC7202224
Kaplon AW, Galloway TJ, Bhayani MK, Liu JC. Effect of HPV Status on Survival of Oropharynx Cancer with Distant Metastasis. Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. 2020 Mar 24;:194599820913604.
Abou-Alfa GK, Sahai V, Hollebecque A, Vaccaro G, Melisi D, Al-Rajabi R, Paulson AS, Borad MJ, Gallinson D, Murphy AG, Oh DY, Dotan E, Catenacci DV, Van Cutsem E, Ji T, Lihou CF, Zhen H, Feliz L, Vogel A. Pemigatinib for previously treated, locally advanced or metastatic cholangiocarcinoma: a multicentre, open-label, phase 2 study. Lancet Oncol. 2020 Mar 20;.
Nilov D, Maluchenko N, Kurgina T, Pushkarev S, Lys A, Kutuzov M, Gerasimova N, Feofanov A, Svedas V, Lavrik O, Studitsky VM. Molecular Mechanisms of PARP-1 Inhibitor 7-Methylguanine. International journal of molecular sciences. 2020 Mar 20;21(6).   PMCID: PMC7139824
Zhang T, Yin C, Boyd DF, Quarato G, Ingram JP, Shubina M, Ragan KB, Ishizuka T, Crawford JC, Tummers B, Rodriguez DA, Xue J, Peri S, Kaiser WJ, Lopez CB, Xu Y, Upton JW, Thomas PG, Green DR, Balachandran S. Influenza Virus Z-RNAs Induce ZBP1-Mediated Necroptosis. Cell. 2020 Mar 19;180(6):1115-1129e13.   PMCID: PMC7153753
Bevelacqua JJ, Welsh J, Mortazavi SM. Comments on "Association of telomere length with chronic exposure to ionizing radiation among inhabitants of natural high background radiation areas of Ramsar, Iran". Int J Radiat Biol. 2020 Mar 17;:1-2.
Goldberg D, Doby B, Siminoff L, Shah M, Lynch R. Rejecting Bias: The Case Against Race Adjustment for OPO Performance in Communities of Color. American journal of transplantation : official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons. 2020 Mar 17;.
Ichkhanian Y, Vosoughi K, Diehl DL, Grimm IS, James TW, Templeton AW, Hajifathalian K, Tokar JL, Samarasena JB, Chehade NE, Lee J, Chang K, Mizrahi M, Barawi M, Irani S, Friedland S, Korc P, Aadam AA, Al-Haddad MA, Kowalski TE, Novikov A, Smallfield G, Ginsberg GG, Oza VM, Panuu D, Fukami N, Pohl H, Lajin M, Kumta NA, Tang SJ, Naga YM, Amateau SK, Brewer GO, Kumbhari V, Sharaiha R, Khashab MA. A large multicenter cohort on the use of full-thickness resection device for difficult colonic lesions. Surgical endoscopy. 2020 Mar 16;.
Iwafuchi M, Cuesta I, Donahue G, Takenaka N, Osipovich AB, Magnuson MA, Roder H, Seeholzer SH, Santisteban P, Zaret KS. Gene network transitions in embryos depend upon interactions between a pioneer transcription factor and core histones. Nature genetics. 2020 Mar 16;52(4):418-27.
Gershman B, Bukavina L, Chen Z, Konety B, Schumache F, Li L, Kutikov A, Smaldone M, Abouassaly R, Kim SP. The Association of Robot-assisted Versus Pure Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy with Perioperative Outcomes and Hospital Costs. European urology focus. 2020 Mar 15;6(2):305-12.
Heald B, Hampel H, Church J, Dudley B, Hall MJ, Mork ME, Singh A, Stoffel E, Stoll J, You YN, Yurgelun MB, Kupfer SS. Collaborative Group of the Americas on Inherited Gastrointestinal Cancer Position statement on multigene panel testing for patients with colorectal cancer and/or polyposis. Fam Cancer. 2020 Mar 14;.
Edelman MJ. New Therapies in Special Populations. JCO Oncol Pract. 2020 Mar 11;:Op2000082.
Devlin A, Gonzalez E, Ramsey F, Esnaola N, Fisher S. The Effect of Discrimination on Likelihood of Participation in a Clinical Trial. Journal of racial and ethnic health disparities. 2020 Mar 10;.
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