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Publication Listing for 2020 (175 publications)

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Miura S, Vu T, Deng J, Buturla T, Oladeinde O, Choi J, Kumar S. Power and pitfalls of computational methods for inferring clone phylogenies and mutation orders from bulk sequencing data. Sci Rep. 2020 Feb 26;10(1):3498.
Melchior NM, Sachs DB, Gauvin G, Chang C, Wang CE, Sigurdson ER, Daly JM, Aggon AA, Hayes SB, Obeid EI, Bleicher RJ. Treatment times in breast cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant vs adjuvant chemotherapy: Is efficiency a benefit of preoperative chemotherapy?. Cancer medicine. 2020 Feb 25;.
Tursi SA, Puligedda RD, Szabo P, Nicastro LK, Miller AL, Qiu C, Gallucci S, Relkin NR, Buttaro BA, Dessain SK, Tukel C. Salmonella Typhimurium biofilm disruption by a human antibody that binds a pan-amyloid epitope on curli. Nat Commun. 2020 Feb 21;11(1):1007.
Bauer KW, Foster GD, Weeks HM, Polonsky HM, Davey A, Sherman S, Abel ML, Ruth KJ, Dale LC, Fisher JO. Breakfast in the Classroom Initiative and Students' Breakfast Consumption Behaviors: A Group Randomized Trial. American journal of public health. 2020 Feb 20;:e1-e7.
Lawman HG, Henry KA, Scheeres A, Hillengas A, Coffman R, Strasser AA. Tobacco Retail Licensing and Density 3 Years After License Regulations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2012-2019). American journal of public health. 2020 Feb 20;:e1-e7.
Campitelli P, Modi T, Kumar S, Ozkan SB. The Role of Conformational Dynamics and Allostery in Modulating Protein Evolution. Annu Rev Biophys. 2020 Feb 19;.
Golan T, Kindler HL, Park JO, Reni M, Macarulla T, Hammel P, Van Cutsem E, Arnold D, Hochhauser D, McGuinness D, Locker GY, Goranova T, Schatz P, Liu YZ, Hall MJ. Geographic and Ethnic Heterogeneity of Germline BRCA1 or BRCA2 Mutation Prevalence Among Patients With Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Screened for Entry Into the POLO Trial. J Clin Oncol. 2020 Feb 19;:Jco1901890.
Goldbach AR, Tuite CM, Ross E. Clustered Microcysts at Breast US: Outcomes and Updates for Appropriate Management Recommendations. Radiology. 2020 Feb 18;:191505.
Gu SX, Sonkar VK, Katare PB, Kumar R, Kruger WD, Arning E, Bottiglieri T, Lentz SR, Dayal S. Memantine Protects From Exacerbation of Ischemic Stroke and Blood Brain Barrier Disruption in Mild But Not Severe Hyperhomocysteinemia. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2020 Feb 18;9(4):e013368.
Kurimchak AM, Herrera-Montavez C, Brown J, Johnson KJ, Sodi V, Srivastava N, Kumar V, Deihimi S, O'Brien S, Peri S, Mantia-Smaldone GM, Jain A, Winters RM, Cai KQ, Chernoff J, Connolly DC, Duncan JS. Functional proteomics interrogation of the kinome identifies MRCKA as a therapeutic target in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma. Science signaling. 2020 Feb 18;13(619).
O'Malley DM, Matulonis UA, Birrer MJ, Castro CM, Gilbert L, Vergote I, Martin LP, Mantia-Smaldone GM, Martin AG, Bratos R, Penson RT, Malek K, Moore KN. Phase Ib study of mirvetuximab soravtansine, a folate receptor alpha (FRalpha)-targeting antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), in combination with bevacizumab in patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. Gynecol Oncol. 2020 Feb 18;.
Uribe-Alvarez C, Guerrero-Rodriguez SL, Rhodes J, Cannon A, Chernoff J, Araiza-Olivera D. Targeting effector pathways in RAC1(P29S)-driven malignant melanoma. Small GTPases. 2020 Feb 17;:1-9.
Kelly RJ, Lee J, Bang YJ, Almhanna K, Blum Murphy M, Catenacci DV, Chung HC, Wainberg ZA, Gibson MK, Lee KW, Bendell JC, Denlinger CS, Chee CE, Omori T, Leidner R, Lenz HJ, Chao Y, Rebelatto MC, Brohawn PZ, He P, McDevitt J, Sheth S, Englert JM, Ku GY. Safety and Efficacy of Durvalumab and Tremelimumab Alone or in Combination in Patients with Advanced Gastric and Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2020 Feb 15;26(4):846-54.
Hall KW, Sirk TW, Percec S, Klein ML, Shinoda W. Monodisperse Polymer Melts Crystallize via Structurally Polydisperse Nanoscale Clusters: Insights from Polyethylene. Polymers (Basel). 2020 Feb 14;12(2).
Remsing RC, Klein ML. Lone Pair Rotational Dynamics in Solids. Physical review letters. 2020 Feb 14;124(6):066001.
Winn JS, Hasse Z, Slifker M, Pei J, Arisi-Fernandez SM, Talarchek JN, Obeid E, Baldwin DA, Gong Y, Ross E, Cristofanilli M, Alpaugh RK, Fernandez SV. Genetic Variants Detected Using Cell-Free DNA from Blood and Tumor Samples in Patients with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. International journal of molecular sciences. 2020 Feb 14;21(4).
Winn JS, Hasse Z, Slifker M, Pei J, Arisi-Fernandez SM, Talarchek JN, Obeid E, Baldwin DA, Gong Y, Ross E, Cristofanilli M, Alpaugh RK, Fernandez SV. Genetic variants detected using cell-free DNA from blood and tumor samples in patients with inflammatory breast cancer. International journal of molecular sciences. 2020 Feb 14;21(4).   PMCID: PMC7072950
Alpert L, Al-Sabti R, Graham RP, Pai RK, Gonzalez RS, Zhang X, Smith V, Wang HL, Westbrook L, Goldblum JR, Bakhshwin A, Shetty S, Klimstra DS, Shia J, Askan G, Robert ME, Thomas C, Frankel WL, Alsomali M, Hagen C, Mostafa ME, Feely MM, Assarzadegan N, Misdraji J, Shih AR, Agostini-Vulaj D, Meis JM, Tang S, Chatterjee D, Kang LI, Hart J, Lee SM, Smith T, Yantiss RK, Hissong EM, Gao ZH, Wu J, Resnick MB, Wu EY, Pai RK, Zhao L, Doyle LA, Chopra S, Panarelli NC, Hu S, Longacre TA, Raghavan SS, Lauwers GY, Ghayouri M, Cooper HS, Nagarathinam R, Bellizzi AM, Kakar S, Hosseini M, Rong J, Greenson JK, Lamps LW, Dong Z, Bronner MP. Smooth muscle tumors of the gastrointestinal tract: an analysis of prognostic features in 407 cases. Mod Pathol. 2020 Feb 12;.
Balachandran S, Rall GF. The Benefits and Perils of Necroptosis in Influenza Infection. J Virol. 2020 Feb 12;.
Biller LH, Ukaegbu C, Dhingra TG, Burke CA, Chertock Y, Chittenden A, Church JM, Koeppe ES, Leach BH, Levinson E, Lim RM, Lutz M, Salo-Mullen E, Sheikh R, Idos G, Kastrinos F, Stoffel E, Weiss JM, Hall MJ, Kalady MF, Stadler ZK, Syngal S, Yurgelun MB. A Multi-Institutional Cohort of Therapy-Associated Polyposis in Childhood and Young Adulthood Cancer Survivors. Cancer prevention research (Philadelphia, Pa). 2020 Feb 12;.
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