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Publication Listing for 2019 (492 publications)

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Fang CY, Lee M, Feng Z, Tan Y, Levine F, Nguyen C, Ma GX. Community-Based Cervical Cancer Education: Changes in Knowledge and Beliefs Among Vietnamese American Women. J Community Health. 2019 Jun;44(3):525-33.   PMCID: PMC6529234
Garcia-Manero G, Roboz G, Walsh K, Kantarjian H, Ritchie E, Kropf P, O'Connell C, Tibes R, Lunin S, Rosenblat T, Yee K, Stock W, Griffiths E, Mace J, Podoltsev N, Berdeja J, Jabbour E, Issa JJ, Hao Y, Keer HN, Azab M, Savona MR. Guadecitabine (SGI-110) in patients with intermediate or high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes: phase 2 results from a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 1/2 trial. The Lancet Haematology. 2019 Jun;6(6):e317-e327.
Halpern MT, Dodd SJ, Fang CY, Tan Y, Zhu L, Ogunwobi OO, Ma GX. EVALUATION OF A TRANSDISCIPLINARY CANCER RESEARCH TRAINING PROGRAM FOR UNDER-REPRESENTED MINORITY STUDENTS. Informing Science and IT Education Conference : proceedings and schedule Informing Science and IT Education Conference. 2019 Jun;2019:99-108.   PMCID: PMC6693898
Kestel J, von Mehren M. Honing in on Subtypes to Guide More Individualized Treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Oncology-New York. 2019 Jun;33(6):212-+.
Klein-Szanto AJ, Bassi D. Keep recycling going: new approaches to reduce LDL-C. Biochemical pharmacology. 2019 Jun;164:336-41.
Lee JW, Parameswaran J, Sandoval-Schaefer T, Eoh KJ, Yang DH, Zhu F, Mehra R, Sharma R, Gaffney SG, Perry EB, Townsend JP, Serebriiskii IG, Golemis EA, Issaeva N, Yarbrough WG, Koo JS, Burtness BA. Combined Aurora kinase A (AURKA) and WEE1 inhibition demonstrates synergistic antitumor effect in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. Clin Cancer Res. 2019 Jun;25(11):3430-42.   PMCID: PMC6548643
Luo X, Jhala N, Khurana JS, Fundakowski C, Jhala DN, Wang H. Moving Toward a Systematic Approach for Reporting Salivary Gland Cytopathology: An Institutional Experience and Literature Review. Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine. 2019 Jun;143(6):664-9.
Moten AS, Zhao H, Howell K, Nadler A, Reddy SS, von Mehren M, Movva S, Farma JM. Soft tissue sarcoma of the extremity: Characterizing symptom duration and outcomes. Surgical oncology. 2019 Jun;29:190-5.
Paliwal Y, Gendron TL, Jones RM, Moczygemba L, Nadpara PA, Slattum PW. A qualitative study to understand over-the-counter medication use and decision-making among residents of senior-living communities. Research in social & administrative pharmacy : RSAP. 2019 Jun;15(6):730-7.
Pei J, Zhao X, Patchefsky AS, Flieder DB, Talarchek JN, Testa JR, Wei S. Clinical application of RNA sequencing in sarcoma diagnosis: An institutional experience. Medicine. 2019 Jun;98(25):e16031.   PMCID: PMC6636967
Sidoli S, Kori Y, Lopes M, Yuan ZF, Kim HJ, Kulej K, Janssen KA, Agosto LM, Cunha JP, Andrews AJ, Garcia BA. One minute analysis of 200 histone posttranslational modifications by direct injection mass spectrometry. Genome research. 2019 Jun;29(6):978-87.   PMCID: PMC6581051
Simmons AJ, Park R, Sterling NA, Jang MH, van Deursen JM, Yen TJ, Cho SH, Kim S. Nearly complete deletion of BubR1 causes microcephaly through shortened mitosis and massive cell death. Human molecular genetics. 2019 Jun;28(11):1822-36.   PMCID: PMC6522074
Soboloff J, Romanin C. STIM1 structure-function and downstream signaling pathways. Cell calcium. 2019 Jun;80:101-2.
Steffen LE, Cheavens JS, Vowles KE, Gabbard J, Nguyen H, Gan GN, Edelman MJ, Smith BW. Hope-related goal cognitions and daily experiences of fatigue, pain, and functional concern among lung cancer patients. Supportive care in cancer : official journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer. 2019 Jun;.
Welsh J, Bevelacqua JJ, Keshavarz M, Mortazavi SR, Mortazavi SM. Is Telomere Length a Biomarker of Adaptive Response in Space? Curious Findings from NASA and Residents of High Background Radiation Areas. J Biomed Phys Eng. 2019 Jun;9(3):381-8.   PMCID: PMC6613149
Yuan NP, Nair US, Crane TE, Krupski L, Collins BN, Bell ML. Impact of changes in home smoking bans on tobacco cessation among quitline callers. Health education research. 2019 Jun;34(3):345-55.   PMCID: PMC6510015
Zelenetz AD, Gordon LI, Abramson JS, Advani RH, Bartlett NL, Caimi PF, Chang JE, Chavez JC, Christian B, Fayad LE, Glenn MJ, Habermann TM, Harris NL, Hernandez-Ilizaliturri F, Kaminski MS, Kelsey CR, Khan N, Krivacic S, LaCasce AS, Mehta A, Nademanee A, Rabinovitch R, Reddy N, Reid E, Roberts KB, Smith SD, Snyder ED, Swinnen LJ, Vose JM, Dwyer MA, Sundar H. B-Cell Lymphomas, Version 3.2019 Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2019 Jun;17(6):651-61.
Zeltz C, Alam J, Liu H, Erusappan PM, Hoschuetzky H, Molven A, Parajuli H, Cukierman E, Costea DE, Lu N, Gullberg D. alpha11beta1 Integrin is Induced in a Subset of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts in Desmoplastic Tumor Stroma and Mediates In Vitro Cell Migration. Cancers. 2019 Jun;11(6).   PMCID: PMC6627481
Zou KH, Evers K. Image Perception and Diagnostic Accuracy of Digital Mammography: An Editorial. Academic radiology. 2019 Jun;26(6):724-5.   PMCID: Editorial
Martini A, Jia R, Ferket BS, Waingankar N, Plimack ER, Crabb SJ, Harshman LC, Yu EY, Powles T, Rosenberg JE, Pal SK, Vaishampayan UN, Necchi A, Wiklund NP, Mehrazin R, Mazumdar M, Sfakianos JP, Galsky MD. Tumor downstaging as an intermediate endpoint to assess the activity of neoadjuvant systemic therapy in patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Cancer. 2019 May 31;125(18):3155-63.
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