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Publication Listing for 2018 (714 publications)

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Boumber Y. Tumor mutational burden (TMB) as a biomarker of response to immunotherapy in small cell lung cancer. Journal of thoracic disease. 2018 Aug;10(8):4689-93.   PMCID: PMC6129910
Carqueijeiro IT, Brown S, Chung K, Dang TT, Walia M, Besseau S, Duge de Bernonville T, Oudin A, Lanoue A, Billet K, Munsch T, Koudounas K, Melin C, Godon C, Razafimandimby B, de Craene JO, Glevarec G, Marc J, Giglioli-Guivarc'h N, Clastre M, St-Pierre B, Papon N, Andrade RB, O'Connor S, Courdavault V. Two tabersonine 6,7-epoxidases start synthesis of lochnericine-type alkaloids in Catharanthus roseus. Plant physiology. 2018 Aug;177(4):1473-86.   PMCID: PMC6084683
Chatterji P, Hamilton KE, Liang S, Andres SF, Wijeratne HR, Mizuno R, Simon LA, Hicks PD, Foley SW, Pitarresi JR, Klein-Szanto AJ, Mah AT, Van Landeghem L, Gregory BD, Lengner CJ, Madison BB, Shah P, Rustgi AK. The LIN28B-IMP1 post-transcriptional regulon has opposing effects on oncogenic signaling in the intestine. Genes & development. 2018 Aug;32(15-16):1020-34.   PMCID: PMC6075153
Correa AF, Smaldone MC. Melancholia and cancer: The bladder cancer narrative. Cancer. 2018 Aug;124(15):3080-3.   PMCID: Editorial
Correa AF, Toussi A, Amin M, Hrebinko RL, Gayed BA, Parwani AV, Maranchie JK. Small Renal Masses in Close Proximity to the Collecting System and Renal Sinus Are Enriched for Malignancy and High Fuhrman Grade and Should Be Considered for Early Intervention. Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2018 Aug;16(4):e729-e733.
Dreher PC, Tong C, Ghiraldi E, Friedlander JI. Use of Google Trends to Track Online Behavior and Interest in Kidney Stone Surgery. Urology. 2018 Aug;.
Fareed MM, DeMora L, Esnaola NF, Denlinger CS, Karachristos A, Ross EE, Hoffman J, Meyer JE. Concurrent chemoradiation for resected gall bladder cancers and cholangiocarcinomas. Journal of gastrointestinal oncology. 2018 Aug;9(4):762-8.   PMCID: PMC6087856
Gabbasov R, Xiao F, Howe CG, Bickel LE, O'Brien SW, Benrubi D, Do TV, Zhou Y, Nicolas E, Cai KQ, Litwin S, Seo S, Golemis EA, Connolly DC. NEDD9 promotes oncogenic signaling, a stem/mesenchymal gene signature, and aggressive ovarian cancer growth in mice. Oncogene. 2018 Aug;37(35):4854-70.   PMCID: PMC6119087
Ghelli Luserna Di Rora A, Beeharry N, Imbrogno E, Ferrari A, Robustelli V, Righi S, Sabattini E, Verga Falzacappa MV, Ronchini C, Testoni N, Baldazzi C, Papayannidis C, Abbenante MC, Marconi G, Paolini S, Parisi S, Sartor C, Fontana MC, De Matteis S, Iacobucci I, Pelicci PG, Cavo M, Yen TJ, Martinelli G. Targeting WEE1 to enhance conventional therapies for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Journal of hematology & oncology. 2018 Aug;11(1):99.   PMCID: PMC6090987
Goel N, D'Souza JW, Ruth KJ, Milestone B, Karachristos A, Nagarathinam R, Cooper H, Hoffman J, Reddy S. The Utility of Preoperative Vascular Grading in Patients Undergoing Surgery First for Pancreatic Cancer: Does Radiologic Arterial or Venous Involvement Predict Pathologic Margin Status?. Journal of oncology. 2018 Aug;2018:7675262.   PMCID: PMC6110012
Good CR, Panjarian S, Kelly AD, Madzo J, Patel B, Jelinek J, Issa JJ. TET1-mediated hypomethylation activates oncogenic signaling in triple-negative breast cancer. Cancer Res. 2018 Aug;78(15):4126-37.   PMCID: PMC6072603
Hall TM, Tetreault MP, Hamilton KE, Whelan KA. Autophagy as a cytoprotective mechanism in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Current opinion in pharmacology. 2018 Aug;41:12-9.   PMCID: PMC6108938
Hamilton ZA, Uzzo RG, Larcher A, Lane BR, Ristau B, Capitanio U, Ryan S, Dey S, Correa A, Reddy M, Proudfoot JA, Nasseri R, Yim K, Noyes S, Bindayi A, Montorsi F, Derweesh IH. Comparison of functional outcomes of robotic and open partial nephrectomy in patients with pre-existing chronic kidney disease: a multicenter study. World journal of urology. 2018 Aug;36(8):1255-62.
Handra-Luca A, Wei S. Intrathyroid cystic thyroglossal duct remnant and ectopic thymus: a fortuitous or development-related association?. Surgery today. 2018 Aug;48(8):815-8.
Handra-Luca A, Wei S. Intrathyroid cystic thyroglossal duct remnant and ectopic thymus: a fortuitous or development-related association?. Surgery today. 2018 Aug;48(8):815-8.   PMCID: Letter
Joshi SS, Handorf ER, Smaldone MC, Geynisman DM. What can the National Cancer Database tell us about disparities in advanced bladder cancer outcomes?. Translational Andrology and Urology. 2018 Aug;7(4):732-5.   PMCID: PMC6127539
Jung K, Park JC, Kang H, Brandes JC. Androgen deprivation therapy is associated with decreased second primary lung cancer risk in the United States veterans with prostate cancer. Epidemiology and health. 2018 Aug;40:e2018040.   PMCID: PMC6232654
Kadow B, Smaldone MC. Editorial Comment. J Urol. 2018 Aug;200(5):987-8.
Kearns AC, Robinson JA, Shekarabi M, Liu F, Qin X, Burdo TH. Caspase-1-associated immune activation in an accelerated SIV-infected rhesus macaque model. Journal of neurovirology. 2018 Aug;24(4):420-31.
Kotsopoulos J, Gronwald J, Karlan BY, Huzarski T, Tung N, Moller P, Armel S, Lynch HT, Senter L, Eisen A, Singer CF, Foulkes WD, Jacobson MR, Sun P, Lubinski J, Narod SA, Pal T, Wiesner G, Eng C, Neuhausen SL, Ainsworth P, Bordeleau L, Friedman E, Meschino W, Snyder C, Metcalfe K, Poll A, Gojska N, Warner E, Rosen B, Demsky R, Weitzel JN, Panabaker K, Taylor M, Couch F, Manoukian S, Pasini B, Daly MB, Steele L, Saal H, Fallen T, Wood M, McKinnon W, Lemire E, Chudley AE, Serfas K, Sweet K, Panchal S, Elser C, Ginsburg O, Hurst S, Cullinane CA, Reilly RE, Blum JL, Ross T, Mauer C, Kwong A, Cybulski C, McCuaig J, Rayson D, Isaacs C. Hormone replacement therapy after oophorectomy and breast cancer risk among BRCA1 mutation carriers. JAMA Oncology. 2018 Aug;4(8):1059-65.   PMCID: PMC6143051
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