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Weinberg DS, Mitnick J, Keenan E, Li T, Ross EA
Post-operative colorectal cancer surveillance: preference for optical colonoscopy over computerized tomographic colonography
Cancer Causes Control (2019) 30:1269-1273.
PURPOSE: Post-operative surveillance strategies for colorectal cancer (CRC) include periodic optical colonoscopy (OC) and abdominal-pelvic CT scan. Adherence with these recommendations is limited. For CRC screening, CT colonography (CTC) identifies larger adenomas and cancers nearly as well as OC. Most screening studies demonstrate that patients prefer CTC. However, CTC has never been compared to OC in the post-operative surveillance setting. METHODS: We hypothesized that CTC might represent an attractive substitute for the standard OC/CT scan combination. Here, 223 patients underwent CTC followed by same day OC 1 year after curative CRC resection. RESULTS: Of the 144/223 (64.6%) participants with a preference, 65.9% (95/144) preferred OC. This preference was more pronounced in women and in patients with polyps detected. No additional patient level factors significantly altered this primary result. CONCLUSIONS: In contrast to CRC screening, this first study in CRC post-operative surveillance patients demonstrates a preference for OC. Assuming patient preference is an important determinant, introduction of CTC as a method to increase patient adherence with CRC surveillance is unlikely to be effective. TRIAL REGISTRATION: Clinical registration number: NCT02143115.
Publication Date: 2019-11-01.
Last updated on Sunday, July 12, 2020