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Pinto NM, Henry KA, Wei G, Sheng X, Green T, Puchalski MD, Byrne JL, Kinney AY
Barriers to Sonographer Screening for Fetal Heart Defects: A U.S. National Survey
Fetal Diagn Ther (2020) 47:188-197.
OBJECTIVE: We surveyed obstetric sonographers, who are at the forefront of the screening process to determine how barriers to prenatal cardiac screening impacted screening abilities. METHODS: We performed a cross-sectional national survey of obstetric sonographers in the United States using a sampling frame from American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography mailing lists. The web survey measured the ability to obtain and interpret fetal heart images. Several cognitive, sociodemographic, and system-level factors were measured, including intention to perform cardiac imaging. Regression and mediation analyses determined factors associated with intention to perform and ability to obtain and interpret cardiac images. Subgroup analyses of sonographers in tertiary versus nontertiary centers were also performed. RESULTS: Survey response rate either due to noncontact or nonresponse was 40%. Of 480 eligible sonographers, ~30% practiced in tertiary settings. Sonographers had lower intention to perform outflow views compared to 4 chambers. Higher self-efficacy and professional expectations predicted higher odds of intention to perform outflow views (OR 2.8, 95% CI 1.9-4.2 and 1.9, 95% CI 1.1-3.0, respectively). Overall accuracy of image interpretation was 65% (+/-14%). For the overall cohort and nontertiary subgroup, higher intention to perform outflows was associated with increased accuracy in overall image interpretation. For the tertiary subgroup, self-efficacy and feedback were strongly associated with accuracy. CONCLUSIONS: We identified several modifiable (some heretofore unrecognized) targets to improve prenatal cardiac screening. Priorities identified by sonographers that are associated with screening success should guide future interventions.
Publication Date: 2020-08-15.
Last updated on Saturday, August 22, 2020