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Berry KE
Estimating Fluoroscopic Peak Skin Dose Using Manual Calculations
Health Phys (2018) 114:649-653.
Not all healthcare providers can afford to purchase commercially available programs that can quickly and easily provide peak skin dose estimations for patients undergoing diagnostic and international fluoroscopic procedures. The air kerma reference point exposure, K-a,K-r, available on all equipment manufactured after 2006, may over or under estimate the patient's peak skin dose. The total air kerma reference point exposure provided at the end of a case might be on the order of 20 Gy for a patient, indicating that a Joint Commission "sentinel event" may have occurred. An investigation to determine whether a sentinel event has occurred becomes necessary. This article will introduce information available to the investigating health physicist for data mining, how to process that information, and then how best to interpret the results. I have used this system of data mining and analysis to effectively influence how physicians performing diagnostic and interventional fluoroscopic procedures use fluoroscopic equipment. Arriving at an answer is not simple; it is time consuming, and the methodologies are imperfect. Your effort can result in improved utilization of fluoroscopic equipment at your institution which in turn will lower patient and staff doses.
Publication Date: 2018-06-01.
Last updated on Thursday, August 13, 2020