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Ji Y
Approaches for Investigating Translational Regulation Controlled by PARP1: Biotin-Based UV Cross-Linking and Luciferase Reporter Assay
Methods Mol Biol (2017) 1608:201-210.
The RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) play a pivotal role in controlling gene expression through posttranscriptional processes. As the trans-acting factors, RBPs interact with the cis-regulatory elements located within mRNAs to regulate mRNA translational efficiency. Adding a new-layer regulation, recent studies suggest that poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation of the RNA-binding proteins often inhibit the RNA-binding ability of RBPs, thus regulating RBP-dependent mRNA metabolism including translational control. Here, we describe a biotin-based UV cross-linking method to determine if excessive accumulation of pADPr in the cell disrupts the interaction between RBPs and their target mRNAs. In addition, we illustrate the protocol of using the luciferase reporter assay to determine the effect of poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation on mRNA translation.
Publication Date: 2017-01-01.
Last updated on Tuesday, June 05, 2018