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Fahl SP, Wang M, Zhang Y, Duc AC, Wiest DL
Regulatory Roles of Rpl22 in Hematopoiesis: An Old Dog with New Tricks
Crit Rev Immunol (2015) 35:379-400.
Ribosomal proteins have long been known to serve critical roles in facilitating the biogenesis of the ribosome and its ability to synthesize proteins. However, evidence is emerging that suggests ribosomal proteins are also capable of performing tissue-restricted, regulatory functions that impact normal development and pathological conditions, including cancer. The challenge in studying such regulatory functions is that elimination of many ribosomal proteins also disrupts ribosome biogenesis and/or function. Thus, it is difficult to determine whether developmental abnormalities resulting from ablation of a ribosomal protein result from loss of core ribosome functions or from loss of the regulatory function of the ribosomal protein. Rpl22, a ribosomal protein component of the large 60S subunit, provides insight into this conundrum; Rpl22 is dispensable for both ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesis yet its ablation causes tissue-restricted disruptions in development. Here we review evidence supporting the regulatory functions of Rpl22 and other ribosomal proteins.
Publication Date: 2015-01-01.
PMCID: PMC5111805
Last updated on Monday, May 04, 2020