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Johnson SA, Zitserman D, Roegiers F
Numb regulates the balance between Notch recycling and late endosome targeting in Drosophila neural progenitor cells
Mol Biol Cell (2016) 27:2857-66.
The Notch signaling pathway plays essential roles in both animal development and human disease. Regulation of Notch receptor levels in membrane compartments has been shown to impact signaling in a variety of contexts. Here, we used steady state and pulse labeling techniques to follow Notch receptors in sensory organ precursor cells (SOP) in Drosophila. We find that the endosomal adaptor protein Numb regulates levels of Notch receptor trafficking to Rab7-labeled late endosomes, but not early endosomes. Using an assay we developed that labels different pools of Notch receptors as they move through the endocytic system, we show that Numb specifically suppresses a recycled Notch receptor subpopulation, and that excess Notch signaling in numb mutants requires the recycling endosome GTPase Rab11 activity. Our data therefore suggest that Numb controls the balance between Notch receptor recycling and receptor targeting to late endosomes to regulate signaling output following asymmetric cell division in Drosophila neural progenitors.
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Publication Date: 2016-07-27.
PMCID: PMC5025272
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