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Heckman CJ, Dykstra JL, Collins BN
Substance-Related Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior among College Students: Opportunities for Health Education
Health Educ J (2011) 70:383-399.
OBJECTIVE: To examine substance-related attitudes and behaviors among college students across an academic semester. DESIGN: Pre-post quasi-experimental survey design. SETTING: A large Midwestern University. METHOD: Surveys were completed by 299 undergraduates enrolled in three courses: drugs and behavior, abnormal psychology, and normal personality theories. RESULTS: Although students enrolled in the drug course were not more knowledgeable about drugs than others at baseline, their knowledge increased by semester's end, while the others' did not. Perceived prevalence of alcohol use was more accurate and became increasingly accurate among drugs and behavior students. Class enrollment, gender, and baseline substance use were associated with baseline attitudes and behaviors as well as changes over time. CONCLUSION: This study offers implications for substance use education opportunities on college campuses.
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Publication Date: 2011-12-01.
PMCID: PMC3268229
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