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Trotter KW, Fan HY, Ivey ML, Kingston RE, Archer TK
The HSA domain of BRG1 mediates critical interactions required for glucocorticoid receptor-dependent transcriptional activation in vivo
Molecular and Cellular Biology (2008) 28:1413-1426.
The packaging of eukaryotic DNA into chromatin can create an impediment to transcription by hindering binding of essential factors required for transcription. The mammalian SWI/SNF remodeling complex has been shown to alter local chromatin structure and facilitate recruitment of transcription factors. BRG1 (or hBrm), the central ATPase of the human SWI/SNF complex, is a critical factor for the functional activity of nuclear receptor complexes. Analysis using BRG1/SNF2h chimeras suggests BRG1 may contain previously uncharacterized functional motifs important for SWI/SNF. To identify these regions, BRG1 truncation and deletion mutants were designed, characterized, and utilized in a series of assays to evaluate transcriptional activation and chromatin remodeling by the glucocorticoid receptor. We identified a domain within the N terminus of BRG1 that mediates critical protein interactions within SWI/SNF. We find the HSA domain of BRG1 is required to mediate the interaction w!
Publication Date: 2008-02-01.
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