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Taylor JM
Organization and expression of the hepatitis delta virus genome
Seminars in Virology (1997) 8:59-64.
The RNA genome of human hepatitis delta virus (HDV) is an unusual small circular single-stranded species that can fold on itself to form an unbranched rod-like structure. This RNA is replicated in the nucleus by RNA-directed RNA synthesis coupled with RNA processing events. During processing events a subgenomic, polyadenylated RNA that is complementary to the genome and expressed in the cytoplasm as the small form of the delta antigen, a 195-amino-acid protein essential for genome replication is produced. The strategies of RNA virus genome organization and expression are very diverse; those used by HDV seem unique among animal viruses, although there are some distant similarities with those used by some plant pathogens. (C) 1997 Academic Press.
Publication Date: 1997-02-01.
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