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Stoyanova R, Brown TR
NMR spectral quantitation by principal component analysis. III. A generalized procedure for determination of lineshape variations
J Magn Reson (2002) 154:163-75.
We present a general procedure for automatic quantitation of a series of spectral peaks based on principal component analysis (PCA). PCA has been previously used for spectral quantitation of a single resonant peak of constant shape but variable amplitude. Here we extend this procedure to estimate all of the peak parameters: amplitude, position (frequency), phase and linewidth. The procedure consists of a series of iterative steps in which the estimates of position and phase from one stage of iteration are used to correct the spectra prior to the next stage. The process is convergent to a stable result, typically in less than 5 iterations. If desired, remaining linewidth variations can then be corrected. Correction of (typically) unwanted variations of these types is important not only for direct peak quantitation, but also as a preprocessing step for spectral data prior to application of pattern recognition/classification techniques. The procedure is demonstrated on simulated data and on a set of 992 (31)P NMR in vivo spectra taken from a kinetic study of rat muscle energetics. The proposed procedure is robust, makes very limited assumptions about the lineshape, and performs well with data of low signal-to-noise ratio.
Publication Date: 2002-02-01.
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