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Rebbeck TR, Jordan HA, Schnur RE, Rogatko A
Utility of linked markers in genetic counseling: Estimation of carrier risks in X-linked ocular albinism
American Journal of Medical Genetics (1997) 70:58-66.
We apply a method proposed by Rogatko et al, [1995: Am J Med Genet 59:24-32] to estimate carrier risks using genetic linkage data. The method is illustrated for X-linked ocular albinism, Linkage data from pedigrees were combined with genome mapping data to compute carrier risks for individuals with unknown carrier status based on pedigree data alone, We considered two situations, First, a linkage map with some ambiguity in the gene order was considered, This analysis allows us to examine the effect of incomplete genetic map information on risk computations, Second, published physical and meiotic mapping information was used to derive a linkage map that could be assumed known without ambiguity, In both situations, the mean and median estimate of carrier risk differed significantly from that obtained using pedigree relationships only, in that the computed risk was significantly different from the a priori value of 0.5, The 95% CI's associated with point estimates of risk made using the known map or an map with ambiguity did not overlap in some cases, These results suggest that the risk estimate and the confidence with which a risk estimate can be imparted may depend on the genetic map and marker data used in the risk estimation procedure, We conclude that the method presented here can be used to estimate genetic risk under a variety of analytical conditions. (C) 1997 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
Publication Date: 1997-05-02.
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