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Pugacheva EN, Roegiers F, Golemis EA
Interdependence of cell attachment and cell cycle signaling
Curr Opin Cell Biol (2006) 18:507-15.
Adult metazoans represent the culmination of an intricate developmental process involving the temporally and spatially orchestrated division, migration, differentiation, attachment, polarization and death of individual cells. An elaborate infrastructure connecting the cell cycle and cell attachment machinery is essential for such exquisite integration of developmental processes. Integrin-, cadherin-, Merlin- and planar cell polarity (PCP)-dependent signaling cascades quantitatively and qualitatively program cell division during development. Proteins in this signaling infrastructure may represent an important source of cancer vulnerability in metazoans, as their dysfunction can pleiotropically promote the oncogenic process.
Publication Date: 2006-10-01.
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